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5 ideas to help financially restaurants


For several days we are sharing with our Restaurant news channel and Covid19, some ideas and initiatives, national and international, that seem interesting and some of them, summarizes the different ways that restaurant patrons can help the sector, mainly to save jobs, as the crisis of the coronavirus has reached half the planet and is expected to bring with it an unprecedented debacle in the restaurant industry.

Here we outline several ways in which restaurant patrons can bring their bit to help their favorite restaurants. Initiatives which can certainly stop job losses, will be one of the scourges let this pandemic when it ceases.

1.- Buy restaurant gift cards

Among hospitality professionals traction is taking the idea of ​​promoting plans for medium and long term. They do not proposing reservations months ahead, that also, but offering gift cards. The benefit of gift cards on reservations is evident: endows restaurants with liquidity at a time when the volume of business is at historic lows. further, Gift cards represent a much more robust commitment by the customer, while making a reservation is always the possibility of not attending the diner, this is unlikely in the case of cards, because it is a meal that is paid in advance. Gift cards online help allow local restaurants to the same time as we make plans for the future, plans in these difficult times we used to keep morale high.

2.- Merchandising or purchasing items for sale from your favorite restaurant

Some of the most iconic brands have organized restoration merchandising. Virtual stores are now becoming an important source of income, because the traditional business is practically stopped. Restaurants can use to promote these stores in their social networks, certainly more committed regular customers have no qualms about buying any item help. Clothing or footwear with logos, Cookbooks, trousseau kitchen branding... Any thing worth!

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3.- Ordering food delivery

The first thing to know is that although there is an apparent lack of activity in restaurants, this is only because they are not allowed to receive guests in their facilities. However, some years ago many uses local delivery companies food delivery orders to send home. And that means there industry professionals who keep the kitchen open their kitchens. Delivery companies with which they collaborate have been trained to perform the entire process without involving contact with the recipient. This way you can continue to enjoy the delights of the local restaurants without endangering public health.

4.- Buy dishes from the restaurant supply stores

Looks strange, but in some countries the restaurants are integrating their dishes in local food stores, that considered essential services, They are open to the public with additional health measures and very limited seating capacity. This is another way to generate business, and people respond very well. So much, that sometimes collaboration between restaurants and supermarkets has led to entirely new lines of business.

5.- Donate money in the form of digital tip or buying bonds gastronomic

In the United States and Mexico, They are creating different systems donation from customers to their favorite restaurants. Americans have created a system of digital tips, a term that our director Diego Coquillat He has been promoting in the industry many years ago, which in this case it allows customers to make a donation to restaurants. In the case of Mexico, They have created what are called the gastronomic bonds, customers can buy and exchange in the future by a series of benefits they will receive once the restaurant can give their service.

If the fact that our target audience make an acquisition in the circumstances is considered unfeasible, then there is always the option of appealing to the compassion of our customers past. And these customers, already they left their money in our local, They can still help us strengthen the future of the local write this review if you have been putting off for some time, or simply they would not write at the time. Now is the perfect time to write about our business, so a reminder is appropriate.

Some of the ideas proposed by the establishments have been very well received by users in different countries, who understand perfectly the difficulties passing restaurants in these times of pandemic. Under labels such as #supportlocal, #community o #Weneedyourhelp consumers are organized to help employers in the sector, that come through this situation is a matter of all of us, and if a small symbolic action we can prevent a neighbor, friend or family member loses his job, then it will be worth it.

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