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5 ideas to sell more in your restaurant around summer


September is the month to start. In August many bars and restaurants have closed for a vacation and customers have been spending more money than usual in their places of resort.

Is a month that difficult to start, and return to the same billing you usually get at your restaurant. So it's back to the load and that means creating innovative techniques to attract those customers still reluctant to abandon the spirit of summer, but they do not want to go out and spend a lot because it is what they have done during their holidays.

Techniques to revitalize your restaurant activity

1.- Afterworks

The "afterwork" is a culinary trend that emerged in the US and has spread to many parts of the world. Many customers choose this option, Because they want an alternative plan after work with which they can relax and socialize with a drink.

Knowing the perfect day to get customers to your "afterwork", It is matter of trial, the area where your business is found, etc. Nevertheless, the experience of other businesses indicates that Thursdays tend to work well, as customers have a better disposition for such events, when approaching the weekend. And the time? Starting at 18:00h, which it is the time that workers often leave their offices.

In September the terraces are highly prized because people are rushing the last days of summer to be outdoors. Take advantage of it taking care, improving and making more welcoming decor. Launches afterwork original proposals that fill your tables and get your home will become the trendy place.

2.- Happy Hour

It is to reduce the prices of products you want for a short period of time, in which there is usually a lot of activity, with the purpose of activate sales in that time slot.

In addition to achieving increased revenues at the time, also it acts as a hook customers remain in your restaurant while and doing more spending, Once finished the happy hour.

This time is usually between 16:00and h 19:00h, but it varies depending on each type of business. It is therefore very important when starting this kind promotion that we know identify which days and hours sell less, but we're sure there are potential customers in our area.

Get your happyhour to report future events, offering a loyalty card or e-mail asking to inform them of news through a newsletter.

3.- Wine tastings

Organize regular tastings will help your restaurant better known and is positioned among the best in the area and also highlight your home in the wine and gastronomic area.

Ideally, use only 4 from 5 different wines during the event, not to confuse the palate and the senses of our guests are awake.

The tastings are ideal to offer pairings and thus also enhance the card from your restaurant. Wine culture is increasingly followers, so we must take advantage of this offering attractive events.

An idea that might be interesting is summon the bloggers and influencers of the culinary world you have at your fingertips a wine tasting paired with your dishes star. They'll love it and you will spread in your networks.

4.- Exhibitions and concerts

If you have a room with space to organize such events can be a very effective way to attract customers to the restaurant. organize exhibitions, concerts and book presentations are striking acts that people often respond quite well.

What you have to do is promote the event on social networks a hashtag, for you to see your followers and other potential customers, thus offering the possibility to share it among your friends and acquaintances, making it much more viral.

Only we must consider a number of legal and formal requirements to make our catering establishment, a benchmark for live music, which will also allow each week become a new local depending on the notes you hear, and the type of clientele that we will receive.

5.- Draws in social networks

Conduct a sweepstakes or a contest on Facebook or Instagram is one of the most effective ways of attract more customers and followers in a short time, because we get to actively participate in our page and stay tuned to our news.

Get back to school “big time” in your restaurant

As you have seen, We shared 5 ideas to revitalize a tough month for everyone, Y which is not noticed in the income statement restaurant.

further, to help you, accounts for this and every month of the year with our calendars with specific marketing actions for restaurants. Use all ideas we offer and upload your billing. We hope you have a very productive summer around.

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