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5 Books Every hotelier should buy this Christmas


Christmas comes with them, the old problem: What gift this year? Santa Claus, invisible friend, wise men, etc. Every time there are more commitments! Are you tired of giving and receiving perfume, socks, ties and decorative objects that end up in the attic or holding a door? If you like or you are a gastronomy, This post will seem a treat.

We want to share the 5 best cookbooks for gifts at Christmas. It is work that will enrich you with knowledge to improve your business and leave you with a good taste. We'll show from cookbooks to books gastromarketing.

There is a phrase that all professional caterers should lead by flag "To feed it is no longer enough". Thus, in any of these books also we talk you out of digital processing in the culinary world. Enjoy your meal!

literary and gastronomic gifts for Christmas

1.- For lovers of pastry: Jordi Roca Anarko

If you know someone who loves desserts above all things, the book of Jordi Roca Anarko It can be your best gift for Christmas. A book of one of the biggest influencers of world cuisine. Jordi Roca, who received the award best pastry chef in the world 2014, It shows in this book the best desserts I have made over the 30 year career El Celler de Can Roca, restaurant twice proclaimed as the world's best restaurant. Almost nothing.

In a Anarko Jordi Roca you can find more of 100 baking recipes with unique and innovative elaborations El Celler de Can Roca. The name of the book and gives us an idea of ​​what we can find in its pages. Confectionary art, that breaks with the classic.

"You can say I'm a chef and part alchemist part. What we want is that people enjoy, I would pass very well and eat well ". Jordi Roca

2.- For lovers of Spanish pop: Bares indiespensables

After a book so intense and so particularly as we introduce Anarchy a work very indie. This is one of the best-selling Fnac, because as you are going to see, It is a safe bet. It is a good gift for both old rockers 30, 40, 50 years ... and for young people who can not be without going at least four music festivals a year.

This is no ordinary book, is a roadtrip for all those bars that have come to know the most famous Spanish indie rock groups. Fuel Fandango, Supersubmarina, The Red Room, Dorian, Lori Meyers, and more of 50 groups that share their favorite bars. All this with the best icing that can bring a dessert so: anecdotes, songs and favorite places of each group, so you have the advantage that you can know the best places in Spain. Long live rock!

3.- To incombustible brewers. Drink Local Notebooks

If you know someone who is a beer lover, then this gift will seem reed. Note Field is a pack of notebooks 48 blank pages to target all the flavors and nuances of the beers that you are trying.

The presentation is brewing, as it consists of a basket like those used to put the packs of beer. further, notebooks are inspired by the colors and flavors of the most famous beer lovers. This marvel belongs to Stationery House Field Notes which is truly wonderful gift on Pinterest. Cheers and two foam fingers, please!

4.- For chefs who are not satisfied with just feeding. The book of gastronomic marketing

As I said in the introduction, It is no longer enough to feed. Your business needs to have a marketing strategy. Not only is it important to study and improve your menu. Now, with Google and social networks, we must go much further. No use having the best product or the best service if you do not echoes of it. Thus, the importance of the Book of gastronomic marketing of Erika Silva, because it gives you a smattering of gastronomic marketing that will help you boost your business.

Competition these days is very large, and everyone wants to open their businesses. further, with the proliferation of television programs related to the kitchen Masterchef O Company executives everyone feel like cooking and innovate. But cooking is not enough, so this book teaches us with an easy and pleasant language how to deal with the main problems of the sector:

  • Working long hours and do not get benefits
  • Intend to do something in digital marketing, but have time to learn
  • Not take performance social networks
  • Invest in training, but that does not bear fruit because of the team's rotation
  • lower prices, but hastens your competition even more

All these problems and many more in a book 250 pages. Is all the information you need to put your ideas with heat intuitive content, easy to read. So when you hear words like branding, repost, Trending Topic hearings or not put you face chard.

5.- For those who want to give back to 360 degrees to your business. The digital transformation restaurants

In this post I have taught the best books for Christmas gift giving, but if you're a lover of cooking or have a catering business, maybe worth doing a self-gift to let you taste the best.

This is the second book Diego Coquillat. If the first "A new era in restaurants" and presented as one of the most innovative and strategic sector books. The digital transformation restaurants, we speaks of digital change is happening on several levels and that directly affects our sector. Since the role of social networks, the possibilities of virtual reality, Big Data analysis, to new strategies and ways to innovate in your business.

Definitely, a book you It will allow for immersion needed to open your mind and generate new ideas against a digital competition so fierce as the current.

If your business needs a good digital transformation you can read any of these books or leave it in the hands of specialized agencies in HORECA channel and gastronomy in general as Aplusgastromarketing, digital marketing experts, events, consulting and strategy.

I said, and you have the perfect excuse to stop buying socks and ties. Elegid the perfect book and we assure you that your Christmas will be a surefire. Happy gastronavidad!

About the Author

Considered one of the most influential gastronomic marketing professionals in Spain, Diego Olmedilla is president of Aplus Gastromarketing, Director General of Facyre and has been Director of Marketing for Active FEHR, the marketing division of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants.


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