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5 reasons why a restaurant should offer free wifi to its customers


In the age of digitalisation, restaurants increasingly are understanding the new technological model to be adapted to, and new customer needs.

Thus, Many restaurants are offering free wifi as a new service that adds value to these digital customers. Definitely, a trend of increasing use in the restaurant industry.

It is a low cost option for restaurant, with relatively simple and inexpensive installation, since in most cases with a router it is sufficient, becoming a short- or medium-term profitable investment through the acquisition and retention of new customers.

Many of my readers and followers on social networks, I ask me my opinion on whether or not to offer this service in your restaurant.

Thus I'm going to share 5 advantage I consider to be taken into account when assessing, leaning on an infographic it has been published by the American company, Inspire Wifi, dedicated to providing this service.

1.- As a differentiating service competition

Undoubtedly, most people like to go to restaurants, increasing competition among them to attract new customers is greater. Today for many digital customers a good wifi, and if it is free, It is a reason enough to choose one restaurant over another.

Free wifi in restaurants

2.- Turn your customers into your prescribers

We are becoming more customers digitalize one part of our dining experience, sharing a photo, a recommendation, a comment, etc., with our community of followers or our friends while enjoying lunch or dinner. The restaurant must understand this new behavior of their customers, and in order to achieve an excellent overall experience for this, It is to promote online communication, which allows customers to become their best sellers.

Wifi in restaurants 2

3. Promotes customer loyalty

It is often the small details that make a customer choose a restaurant over another, the rise of smartphones and tablets and allows full connectivity anywhere. A free WiFi connection can be a claim for a client that requires that connectivity back at different times to our restaurant and also recommend us to your friends.

4. Claim for guests of hotels and tourists

Many hotels have cost wifi, free usually a bad connectivity or you require a particular area of ​​the hotel, These customers usually turn to the nearest restaurants looking for a better connection while enjoying their lunch, therefore becomes an interesting element uptake of tourists and hotel guests.

Free wifi for customers of restaurants

5.- Capture leads

Whenever Wi-Fi systems offered by restaurants are more sophisticated and many of them already allow to obtain customer data connecting through our line, and even personal data are incorporated directly into the restaurant database so that it can send direct communications in the future.

In line with this last advantage, I want to share an interesting initiative has been launched to offer wifi facebook through this social network.

Is called “Facebook Wifi” and allows restaurant owners or other business offering free WiFi to its customers in return for a check-in at the restaurant facebook page.

Facebook Wifi

It is a very simple system, because the client does not have to enter any code you give the restaurant, just with your Facebook profile you can access the Wi-Fi. Is a promotion system page very interesting restaurant.

wifi for restaurants through facebook

Here's more information about the service:

Facebook Wifi

You have free WiFi in your restaurant? Leave a comment and share your experience with my readers, and you can even recommend to your provider.

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CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.



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  3. Good afternoon. Congratulations for your work first.
    Soy freelance social Media, and now I have a restaurant as a customer and items taught me a lot about Social Media Restaurating.
    On the issue of Wifi Facebook,,, Would the indoor restaurant before a possible voluntary or involuntary Cybercrime by a customer who is using open wifi?
    Thank you!

    • Begoña thank you very much for your greeting, They are always dose of motivation to continue to improve our work.
      Regarding the question you mention me, I'd tell you carefully read the information that Facebook offers or however you remitas question or consult with a lawyer specializing in digital issues, I do not know the impact it can have an act like you comment. Thank you.

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