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5 'Must have' technology for any restaurant in 2017


The Mobile technology He has entered strongly in the catering sector and has taken countless forms and purposes, either to generate more traffic diners or improve customer satisfaction.

Competition in the catering sector is becoming more intense and have your restaurant full costs more. In Spain, we have 270.000 registered establishments and a bar for each 175 people. According to Nielsen this year 2017 are to open a 2,6% bars over last year.

With this background, it is essential that restaurants attract customers and get differentiated. We present the 5 technological advances that let you get.

Discover the 5 most vital technologies for your restaurant

1.- The pre-order food

You can order food before reaching the restaurant is one of the trends with the greatest future today, especially useful for those customers just in time. Allows diners do not have to wait in the establishment making operations much easier and fluid, which affects a significant increase in turnover tables.

Another obvious advantage of this technology is the management of payments. And They ask customers through their smartphones not to manage cash, as Payments will be made online with a single click, avoiding bottlenecks to pay. This facilitates the tracking for the restaurant and life to users because they do not have to think about payments, nor expect them to be copper.

2.- Table reservation

Applying new technologies to table reservations are essential. Every time we live more rapid and less time, so all the services that help us streamline processes are details that help customers decide on a product (restaurant) or another.

have a online booking system It is not only useful for diners. Restaurants can make a huge benefit because can digitize their operations, allowing them to be more effective.

Centralize all information Bookings can play with the userflow (Users Flow) Y optimize depending on the time and day.

further, if reservations are for an app you can get data from your customers (profile, intolerances, preferences…) to be able to improve the experience of diners.

3.- Order directly from kitchen

This new technology is inspired from food delivery systems, except that diners ask once inside the restaurant, There are already several players in USA that are selling these solutions and apparently are being very well received (he 29% Starbucks orders in US in 2017 They were made through its app).

This solution allows diners do not wait any longer to have the card / menu and found all of them in an app which can be downloaded free. They not have to wait to order anything or ask for the bill because they can pay through the app and go whenever they want.

The benefits for restaurant include higher turnover of tables which allows diners to increase traffic, an increase in average ticket (impulse) and a general streamlining of table service (freeing up resources that can be dispatched more efficiently and better serve). Customers leave with a good feeling because they have not waited and they were able to manage everything when they wanted.

4.- mobile payments

The mobile payment technology It is becoming a daily habit in most of the population and increasingly more sectors. These technologies have just been born and they have left a lot tour, by which restaurants should jump on this bandwagon and digitize their collection systems as soon as possible.

By digitizing your collection You have more time to devote to other things that make your business can serve better and avoid "losses" cash or theft. It will allow waiters to focus on providing excellent service instead of being bundled with payments, tickets and other.

further, these systems attract the younger audience, called Millennials. This target lives focused on your smartphone and search digital experiences.

5.- Review and Recommendations

Few people buy a product without first searching the Internet references, Opinions from other users, etc. The same applies to the experiences in restaurants.

There are a large number of tools that allow diners to give their opinion about the experience who have lived in an establishment. Each review, photo, ... tag adds visibility and keywords to improve SEO (search engine positioning) your restaurant. This means that The more content is generated around your business, increased presence you're going to have.

Restaurants must have an image in social networks operative to allow react to crises and reward users who prescribe our business online. Take care of your digital community you win business opportunities insurance.

About the Author

Ceo and co-founder of Mr Noow, the app that allows diners to see the letter, order and pay from your mobile. Mr. Noow increases the average ticket and increases the rotation of the restaurant tables.


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