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5 Steps to create a restaurant menu on Instagram


The restaurant Comfortable Located in SoHo New York, It seems to have found a different way to provide more information about the dishes of his letter to customers, they have baptized “The Instagram Menu”.

It is used in a simple but useful, one of the many resources Social Media Restauranting to get through the main social network of photography, Instagram, a proposal letter with three main visual characteristics, social and collaborative.

As the news seems to be having much impact on the universe 2.0 and there are several readers have asked me, I will explain in 5 the process steps to do so at any restaurant:

Paso 1 : Download and install Instagram

Customers need to have a smarphone or smart phone with downloaded application (is free) and a user account to access.

Another option that might be interesting is that even through a tablet restaurant will offer this service to its customers.

Paso 2 : Create a hashtag or label

The restaurant has to create or invent the name hashtag where they will go gathering, the album mode, all the pictures that the restaurant itself and customers will share in Instagram. In our example the name of the chosen hashtag is #ComodoMenu.


Paso 3 : Inform customers

You should do advocacy work among restaurant patrons to know that there is this service and to access photos of the dishes, where?, in own restaurant menu, as it is at the time of the letter when viewing this information primarily it is needed.

Again we see another example of how offline media allow us access to online content, merging models, both defend in this blog.

Paso 4 : Make and share photos

This is the main objective, who are the customers themselves who create an alternative photographic letter via Instagram with the dishes offered on the menu or restaurant menu.


Paso 5 : Socialize the letter and make collaborative

This is the big difference from the traditional model, since customers will not only be able to upload photos, They can also make comments or recommendations dishes, that undoubtedly the inspiration phase influence the decision of other customers making it a social content, relevant and with a high degree of credibility.


It's that simple, Finally I leave the promotional video they have done:


Do you think it is a useful way to use Instagram for restaurants?


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