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5 questions necessary to start in social networks a restaurant


More and more companies raised start business in social networks attracted by this new online world that both are constantly hearing about and where success stories of each sector extol.

The gastronomy, tourism and restaurants in particular, are no strangers to this trend and there are many companies that are considering launching your business and your product on social networks.

It emphasizes that it is producing an important distinction and perhaps getting bigger among those restaurants who bet on this world from the beginning of a serious and steadily and are now getting results from that enormous effort and those who are simply attracted by the lights and colors of the world 2.0 and that in a few months abandon their activity.

Therefore, I want to share some of the questions you have to answer before launch your restaurant, your adventure 2.0:

Social Networks and Restaurants

1.- What do I get?

For me it is the key, pose a clear and concise manner your goals, what you want to accomplish with your presence on social networks.

Many people mistaken list a number of actions to be executed, and is not that, It is above those actions, It is to coordinate all the elements to achieve your ultimate goal.

These objectives can be varied, from strengthening your brand, generate more traffic, increase your conversions, get new customers, etc.

2.- Who does it?

For deciding on the option to manage it internally, your own personal, It is important to skills training and resources to develop this mission professionally.

We must bear in mind that the content you'll move to social networks in most cases will be closely related every day of your restaurant, therefore you will have to be a person who actively participate in these tasks.

Involve your whole team and let them participate in your world 2.0, as important as talking with your community is to listen and all that information should be shared with your team.

If you decide on an outside company, which in many cases it is most recommended, Keep in mind that this does not mean you do not have to actively participate and constantly monitor the evolution of your socialmedia strategy.

3.- What social networks?

Mainly you have to be in those where is your target audience, your customers, they are the ones who have to listen to your message and they are the ones who have to spread it becoming your best sellers and transferring the values ​​of your business differentiators.

You do not need to be on all social networks, has no value in itself presence, what matters is to create interesting content for your social community and where there is an exchange of value.

4.- What I share?

This is the big question that most companies are once have passed the short stage “subidón” Novelty.

The key is to share everything you want, do not think that all content must have a significance, casual, the unexpected, everyday, the near, the human, increasingly traded upward in the world 2.0.

The greatness of social networks It is that you speak differently with your community, Forget advertising and promotional speech for that already has your website or other portals, It is dialogue among people.

The attitude with which you face that content is essential, transfers the actual values ​​of your company, what it makes you unique, the rest, and your community is responsible.

It is very important to understand that the relevant content, one who is able to influence your social community, It is achieved with constancy, Show him your community that you care, But you really care!

5.- I dare?

Dare yourself!, it is quite possible to live an experience you ever imagined, is amazing the things you can learn by talking to your community of followers and added value that you get for your restaurant.

It is also important that you marques constant revisions of the objectives, Note that in social networks almost everything is measurable and you will know at all times as will your progress in achieving your goals.

I hope these questions help your Resturante in your new adventure 2.0 in social networks…you are ready?

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CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.


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