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5 principles for customers in a restaurant with social networks


The way we interact has changed thanks to the incorporation of technology, Internet and social networks, causing also change the way people interact with businesses and therefore with restaurants.

Traditional sales techniques are not worth social environments, on the basis that no credibility the message when the sender of the message itself is the restaurant.

Get customers with social networking in your restaurant

Advertising and self-promotion for get customers in social networks trading lower, but there is a value star is rising like a rocket and called “social recommendation”.

Therefore, it is essential that we are clear what the 5 pillars of SMR (Social Media Restauranting) for attracting new customers and increase sales:

1.- Time :

Users are increasingly more time online, we have no hurry to sell our product just entering, like a TV spot.

Be clear that if they are interested and they like what they're seeing the time will stay, They will return and even share with your friends on your social network.

2.- Your friends are your salespeople :

I'm sure you influence the opinions of your friends, and friends of friends and believe it or not, those of friends of friends of friends, There is scientific evidence, so it called social network to connect people but apparently it does not seem.

As well, customer changes the word friend, and understand that if instead of customers you get friends through social networks you can influence the purchasing decisions of many people.

Creates emotional ties to your community of followers on social networks and they will bring you to your new customers.

3.- not sell, whether to recommend :

you do not sell directly, That belongs to the past century, It does not have value, Strive to create a magical and global experience to your customers and as these through their recommendations, opinions and reviews to attract new customers and fidelicen.

Social networks have become the third most influential factor in your decisions, After the family and friends.

4.- Creates the social environment :

Creates a technological and social environment necessary to give voice to your customers, It is very easy because the tools are already created and we all know, twitter, facebook, google +…

Have the attitude necessary to provide that environment where your clients can review your restaurant, and if you do not , do not worry because you will find other environments review, do not hesitate.

If you receive negative opinions, Do not make it easier, think that the fault lies with facebook or twitter, or that such customers are “rare”, Reflect on your restaurant and think you have to change.

5.-You too are a customer :

He thinks that to you as a customer and understand many things. You will know it is not easy to be a customer and make the right decisions, since we are influenced by many variables.

When you have doubts about something, questions, ie reports, you advisors, For all that it is possible to realize a technological and social environment and are increasingly users who perform.

Are you ready to get your new clients?


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