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5 promotions they have running on Black Friday to catch the restaurant patrons


As every year, we have just around the corner Black Friday, a weekend dedicated to shopping where shops, in order to give a strong boost to sales before the Christmas campaign, They offer all kinds of discounts and special offers.

Although the main shopping day is Friday, many stores will open during this weekend sooner and stretch closing time until late Sunday. In all this time buyers go from one store to another, and the busyness, The tails and safe walks appearing end hunger. It is also true that more and more these purchases are moving to digital channels.

But the truth is that many restaurants have seen the possibility of joining the Black Friday Fashion with discounts and promotions that allow them to increase customers and revenue during these days.

Some restaurants advance the opening time to match buyers, offering Special discounts Your clients, doing actions through RRSS O giving desserts or a menu item.

But the truth is that, after trade, the hotel is the large sector benefited this new fashion Anglo-Saxon roots. If you also want to use the pull of Black Friday in your restaurant, notes the following actions. All have been launched by restaurants before achieving good results. Follow these steps, and you will see how become this "party stores" in a “parties Restaurants”.

Ideas for my restaurant attract buyers of Black Friday

  • It offers a free dessert or a snack in exchange for a like on Facebook

US chain restaurants The Red Lobster He offered in the last weekend of Black Friday one free appetizer or dessert. Only you had to become a follower of your page on Facebook and you could access this gift.

  • Create coupons to redeem at the restaurant

This strategy has been massively used by restaurants around the world. Perhaps in the wake of TGI Fridays, which made available a downloadable coupon diners on their website to access a 10% discount on the account. In addition they had a special coupon "skip the queue", you allowed to pass to the top of the queue for the weekend of Black Friday.

  • It offers on your website or social networking discounts for certain products

This was what they did Carl´s Jr Y Stevi B´s Pizza Buffet, two US restaurants through its website and Facebook page respectively, they offered discounts on the signature dish as well as dessert and drink gift for that weekend.

  • Reaches agreements with the restaurant nearby stores

The restaurants California Pizza Kitchen Y DiBella’s Old Fashioned Submarines They put into practice a few years ago this tactic was to offer 20€ discount at the restaurant to buy in stores or shopping mall next to a gift card of € 100. Consumers could be clearly observed as pay 80 € to really spend € 100, bringing the action was very successful, and thereafter, Many restaurants try to reach such agreements for Black Friday with nearby businesses.

  • Regala food stores + Restaurant

This was what made IKEA, in addition to offering discounts for own store items, He puts the food from their restaurant for free all weekend. The system required to keep the meal ticket, so that then, in higher purchases € 100, Subtracting this from the total bill.

Seize the Black Friday tug at your restaurant

The NRA (American Restaurant Association) recently published a study stating that, of the 38 million Americans this year will "bust card" and buy on Black Friday, more than 60% you plan to dine in a restaurant near the shops. These figures show the importance that should have a weekend like this for restaurants.

Do not forget that buyers bear the "chip" shops, so you will need to seduce them with a special offer, attractive, simple and above all, profitable for the restaurant.

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