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5 proposals to implement in your restaurant 2016


A few weeks ago I read a comment from a hotelier who said that the unfinished business of the sector was still in training and Facebook saying: "Those who took life in the hotel lot and think we know the reality is that we have almost everything to learn". Hit it in, it is true that sometimes the maelstrom of work overwhelms us and we ignore many things, between them, the formation.

Now what 2016 It is already launched, I wanted to pick up on a small list some ideas and trends that our teachers advanced courses and Masters in Management Restaurants and F&B Hotelero, we offer from Gastrouniversia, They have analyzed in local and international markets. Here I share with you this list 5 proposals for any owner or manager of a catering business can implement or perform in 2016 to improve profitability.

Proposals to improve the profitability of a hotel business

1. Attentive to a new consumer and "well being". In a society that seeks new ethical and moral anchors defined as a person, as well as other health-related motivations, reducing meat consumption is a trend that is coming to stay. Restaurants adapt their cuisine to fight obesity and cardiovascular disease, are ethically responsible and stop using additives, Transgenic and chemicals, They will be heading earning him not only to other businesses but also making its way into the mind of a broad spectrum of potential customers.

2. The sustainability, and the fingerfood “glocal”. The path towards sustainable restoration is an unstoppable global trend which is part of common sense and respect for the environment in which it develops an activity. But I am not referring only to gastronomy but also to business. There are many cases where one without the other have made a restaurant not work and need to close. Thus, I believe that one of the most innovative ways to make a sustainable business, in both respects, It is through fingerfood and snacks. easy-to-consume, nutritious, healthy, with flavors and appealing recipes, we can offer as a distinct cuisine of the competition in which we use local produce and seasonal ingredients but with an international flair and flavors of ancient origins.

3. The catering as strategic business unit. As owners or managers must have long-term vision, go one step ahead of the rest and find new ways to continue offering differentiation; and this could be, through the catering service. The advantages are clear: we optimize resources, fought seasonality, we make and, Besides, We can develop all our culinary creativity in order to attract new customers in environments that previously were arriving, for example, in food fairs, festivales de streetfood or foodtrucks, celebrations companies, tourist events, clandestine scenes, etc.

4. We learn to manage our digital reputation. Although not a trend, since many restaurants have been doing since TripAdvisor became the great platform of opinions is now, it is true that there is still some work to do. Thanks to the digital right management of our business We can be at the forefront in the results of Google, appear in industry rankings, as a case of good practice in talks, seminars or research papers, etc. Y, Besides, we must be very attentive to the possibility of, as hoteliers, to share opinions on our customers in order to improve and personalize the experience of these.

5. The formation, the great forgotten. The hospitality industry is facing the biggest process of global transformation in its history. The industry can not be left behind in this revolution and the sector must be aware of to be formed in new professional skills to give an adequate response to the new challenges it faces. We have a team of highly trained in sales techniques, business management, Languages, sommeliers, marketing digital, etc. in order to improve the profitability of our business.

We are in the best time to sit and think, our team, what will be our objectives to accomplish in this 2016. Among all get our cuisine polish, our production processes, our sales techniques and our digital reputation to our restaurant more profitable end of the year.

These are the 5 I have collected proposals to apply 2016, but surely you know other, Are we still talking in the comments?

I take this opportunity to invite you on Monday 18 January to a free day for hospitality professionals to be held in Madrid under the title "IDEAS TO WIN MORE AND LESS SPENDING IN 2016 IN YOUR RESTAURANT"

Professional day GastroUniversia

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.



  1. Hello,

    Definitely, these good comments and advice you bring us. Being in continuing education is mandatory in all sectors and aspects of life, but especially Catering, where food is in full swing for. Strongly agree with the glocal tapas and fingerfood (by the way, I love the name), quality tapas but creativity is one of the trends that will continue to evolve this 2016. Surely, new proposals will come from the US as was the case of #cronuts or cupcakes and if it something new brand Spain, the better.

    Thank you very much for shared reflections,

    a greeting.


  2. Hello,

    as a customer, which it is the role that I enjoy, points 3 Y 4 I do not think, but I very much agree with 1 Y 2 and especially with training. When you go to a site that is not a self expected that the person who serves you is more than a robot that brings you notes and dishes, I hope to find someone who interacts with the customer and advise you according to your tastes, for your satisfaction when leaving the premises is very high, to win a customer and not just the value of the ticket. It is unfeasible without training.

    I would add that it is more important to me, which it is now losing battle but I think it will end up changing: transparency in pricing. I think the hospitality sector should banish once and for all “VAT not included”, the breads, services, cutlery and all that paraphernalia improper collection * * which is not part of what customer has ordered; I wonder what restaurant owner would welcome bring the car to the shop and leaving were in the bill with things like “air freshener” O “soap grease for mechanic”.

    That would be my sixth proposal


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