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5 successful restaurants located at nothing usual places


Who said that a restaurant had to be on the main promenade or in the tourist center of a city? Or that a bright and spacious premises needed to accommodate all diners interested in trying the cuisine shift? That is history. Now the inexhaustible imagination of restaurateurs It leads to university facilities, cemeteries or volcanoes.

The trendy restaurant in New York is in a room in a university residence

  • Pith (NY)

A room in the university residence Hogan Hall hosts one of the most exclusive restaurants in New York. As you read. In the city that never sleeps is Pith, a dinner club rather than a restaurant, or that's what the student of Columbia University and business owner Reider says Jonah. Tired student menu of pasta and pizza, He climbed into his room his own kitchen that offers eight dishes of the Mediterranean diet priced between 10 Y 20 Dollars.

you have already taken the media eye of global significance as the New York Post or the Daily Mail, both listed as one of the restaurants more trendy Big Apple. Reider was the first surprised by the success of your project, what and depletes through its website Yelp!

  • New Lucky Restaurant (India)

Can you imagine eating in the hereafter? Quiet, not to die for it, We not want to be doomsayers. You just have to travel to Ahmedabad, in India, to enjoy a unique experience in the restaurante New Lucky -irony?- Located in an ancient Muslim cemetery more than four centuries old. The tombs are scattered throughout and an intense green look, by owner Krishnan Kutti, It brings good luck to those who approach. Kutti probably be right, as your business has become very popular among youth and adults.

  • Naha Harbor Diner (Japan)

In the capital of the Japanese island of Okinawa is the Naha Harbor Diner, a restaurant in a tree house. At the top of a Gajumaru, a typical species of Asia, this place is shaped house, room for a 50 people and a full menu of healthy foods in the area. Prices are cheap: for about 17 per head one can family meals and relive your childhood while.

The truth is the tree is not real, but an artificial structure about 6 meters high with a trunk width that provides access to the restaurant, up in the branches. The adventure is finding the way to Kijimunapor, little creatures who according to legend can only see children pure heart.

  • Muru Pop Down (Finland)

In the Finnish town of Tytyri is the Muru Pop Down, a restaurant located in a mine 80 meters underground. Even, If you are adventurous, You can reach down to 300 meters, as far as your courage and staff allow you. His pop decor gives a touch of intimacy to a location already only and although once inside the mandatory use of a protective helmet, the place is completely safe. And if we talk about the cuisine, approximately 130 euros can enjoy country cuisine and excellent service.

in Lanzarote, The restaurant food handle heat coming from an underground Diablo Timanfaya

  • The devil (Spain)

To end this itinerary restaurants located in the strangest places, we return to our country because we have another curious homeland concept: cook in the bowels of the Earth. On the Canary island of Lanzarote is the Restaurant El Diablo, a grill that uses the heat that comes from the depths of Timanfaya, particularly well known as the devil, to prepare the food served.

This is just a small sample of less conventional locations for a restaurant. Let us not forget the project Dinner Lab, an itinerant urban dining housed in industrial buildings, ports or abandoned warehouses. Or those restaurants with the best views in the world inside a cave or aquarium.

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