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5 solutions that digital management systems provide to restaurants


00Running a restaurant has never been so challenging. The New Hospitality stands out for its fluidity compared to traditional stagnation. To operate in the new changing paradigm, it is essential to resort to technology to control the supply flow, customer traffic, the business volume, profit margins, reputation online and much more.

That is why specialized applications for restaurants appear on the market that integrate all the tools that the hotelier may need.. There are many existing solutions, one of the most complete is Picotea, that offers the hotelier a powerful software TPV to take the integral management of your business to the next level.

But what can the restaurant really do with these tools?? This is the question that we answer in the following points.

1.- Restaurant digitization, technosocialization and the future of the post-pandemic hospitality industry

The restaurants with the highest volume of digital business are the only ones that have been able to withstand the onslaught of the crisis coronavirus in 2020. Fast food chains that already had a software TPV digital have seen their sales remain unaffected or even increase.

Although the pandemic will soon subside, the recovery of the hospitality sector does not go through returning to traditional meals in the dining room. He delivery is consolidating. It is time for lagging businesses to come to terms with the idea that consumer confidence will not return for a long time and that they prefer to enjoy restaurant dishes in the comfort of their home..

SARS-CoV-2 has brought with it a period of social distancing, the need for teleworking and the standardization of videoconferencing. All of this has resulted in the phenomenon of technosocialization, which millennials and generation Z are pioneers. They no longer need to have their friends or family by their side to feel accompanied, just maintain that relationship through the screen.

Digital management applications for restaurants such as Picotea make this process much easier. In the first place, they are organized by professionals with extensive experience in the field of digitization.. Guillermo González-Outón, executive director of Pikotea Software, company responsible for the development of the demanded tool, comment the following regarding your system Autopedidos: «[…] we offer a two-way connection with which there is continuous communication […] making it very easy for the diner to ask for more products ». The omnichannel sales allow the establishment of a food delivery service at home or for takeaway easily.

2.- Regaining control over customer data, differentiation and brand image

In march 2020 restaurants were forced to swoop into the mobility market in a rush to survive harsh confinement. Many did it by turning to external companies or aggregators such as Glovo, Just Eat, Uber Eats o Deliveroo.

By having these companies, hoteliers run into multiple problems. First, all customer information is managed remotely by the intermediary company. This limits the restaurant's ability to retain customers, develop successful marketing campaigns and popularize your services.

This last point is especially important. The portals dedicated to the home delivery of food boast of generating a large traffic of consumers, but the restaurant can only take advantage of it as long as it takes on the high collaboration fees. The profile of the restaurant within these websites goes unnoticed and does not entail a real improvement in its visibility.

Pikotea allows the hotelier to regain control over the flow of information and the commercial projection of the premises. Through the TPV managers can know in detail the operation of their business: what sales are running, when are they done, what is the consumer profile, etc. The intelligent use of this data will improve the profitability of the establishment.

On the other hand, it is guaranteed that the consumer will not be bombarded by the offers of the competitors when interacting with our restaurant. This allows maintain a strong brand image and convert occasional customers into recurring business. The application is highly customizable so that professionals can bring out the full potential of the premises they run., as well as the food they prepare and the atmosphere they offer.

3.- Dynamic digital menus, upselling and improved profit margins

One of the ways in which the aforementioned differentiation can be achieved is with a digital menu detailed. By eliminating reprint costs, this letter will always be updated with the available products. Prices can be adjusted according to expected demand and there will be no space excuses that prevent including nutritional information, allergens or ingredient traceability employees.

It is about, Besides, from a simple way to implement menus contactless in the restaurant. This operating philosophy has been a resounding success in recent months, as it has managed to cultivate trust in those consumers most concerned about the health crisis.

Another benefit that these applications may entail are the options upselling and sales optimization powered by artificial intelligence.

When in 2018 Starbucks suffered from a stagnation in their income received in the West, they chose to encourage the consumption of specialty products with higher prices. The play came out round. On other occasions, organized restaurant chains have eliminated items from their menus to favor the consumption of items with higher profit margins..

Trade with a virtual card, a software digital management for restaurants and the latest innovations in cutting-edge technology offered by Pikotea offers a competitive advantage that the hotelier cannot ignore in these troubled times dominated by uncertainty.

4.- Expansion-oriented tools, viability, profitability and scalability of the business

Several of the aspects discussed in the previous sections increase the viability of the business. This is achieved with an improvement in the profitability of the premises that in the long run translates into greater resistance to market fluctuations.

Digital menus enhance the consumer experience by offering tighter prices, transparency and information. Two-way communication directly between consumer and kitchen eliminates command errors and associated inefficiencies. The optimization of services also entails an increase in the economic performance of the premises. Differentiation and reinforcement of the brand image make the business more robust.

Some digital management programs for restaurants also incorporate remote management tools. González-Outón confirms that his software has systems in the cloud thanks to which restaurant owners “can see what is happening in their business […] without the need to be physically in the establishment ». When it comes to working with a single location, this is a graceful option. However, if the establishment is in the process of expansion and wants to scale its operation to serve from different establishments, remote digital management is a crucial necessity.

5.- Disruptive cutting-edge technology with an affordable initial investment for any restaurant

This remote management capacity through systems hosted in the cloud is identifiable of Picotea, which is one of the most complete digital management systems for restaurants on the market. González-Outón's team is constantly iterating over him software thanks to the impressions and perspectives that partner restaurants send them.

In this way, the company is already exploring the benefits of artificial intelligence, robotics and big data to bring exciting news in the near future. News that will join the loyalty system for rewards and the reservation platform that will appear soon.

Pikotea is one of the few applications in the segment that allows the use of highly disruptive cutting-edge technology at an affordable cost for the hotelier. A very tempting pretext to convert a traditional restaurant into a place that has been digitized up to date with the New Hospitality Industry.

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