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5 techniques to improve your restaurant operations


When it comes to improve the operations of a restaurant, always come to mind several factors: schedules and work shifts, Control tabs, food safety regulations, inventory list, sales reports, contracts, etc.

A daily operations capable of ending the vitality of the person You have decided to open a catering business, or time consuming without really knowing how it works economically restaurant.

Nevertheless, there are some techniques to improve these and other daily operations. Then I leave 5 of them, brought directly from the United States, So you can get optimize operating processes of your business.

How to improve your restaurant operations

1.- Identifies and implements processes involving all your gear

As far as possible, we must be clear about what works and what does not our business. What processes and procedures for our staff we have some autonomy and restaurant work without the boss is always? We can start making lists improvement points and relying on outside professionals with special skills that offer us standards and guidelines for concrete work so that our business implantemos.

Once implanted processes, first thing we have to do is instruct our team to the interiorise, since they will be responsible for daily work with them. The key is finding a balance between optimizing processes and empower our staff. further, publicly recognizing their good work, reinforce the team environment and feel part of the success of the restaurant is through their work.

2.- Works "for" your restaurant, not "in" your restaurant

Cash-flow, inventories, sales, personnel management, shopping, price fixing, etc. They are some of the terms on which the hospitality entrepreneur should have absolute control. But without forgetting the construction menu, relationship marketing, loyalty campaigns, social networks, etc., actions that contribute to the overall success of the restaurant.

Sometimes we out of our day to day, of our comfort zone, to get to have a global and strategic business vision. Many times it is important to be present in our local customers to watch and see how our team works, but in others it is more important to sit in front of a computer to analyze data, plan actions and set new goals that will contribute to future business success.

3.- Create data sheets and production sheets

One of the most critical in the success or failure of a restaurant factors are the technical sheets and sheets production the menu items. Well defined, we must indicate which costs every product we use and what it cost us the preparation of dishes. further, through Menu Engineering or Menu Engineering, We know on the one hand the aspects necessary for maximize the sale of profitable dishes Y, for another, how we put them in our letter to be in high demand.

Although increasingly it occurs less, the frantic pace of work does not help in the preparation of this documentation as necessary and important and many owners, along with their chefs, improvising on the fly allocation of costs and prices. only create production sheets will be saving money; the future profitability of our business depends on it.

4.- Use management information systems

Current management systems allow us to integrate all data from our TPV, financial data, payroll, payments to suppliers, inventories, invoice management, etc. real-time and relatively easily. This will give us cost accounting, as well as a historical, the indicators needed to know the proper daily operation of our business.

Our time as managers and owners have much more value when we identify where there is a leak and the solution that we put. We have an obligation to seek 15, 30 O 60 minutes of our day to discuss, generate reports and perform audits of our business If we want to achieve long-term success.

5. simplifies, streamlines and simplifies

If we have chosen to have a set menu, a few dishes, which change according to season, we have a competitive advantage over our competition. On the one hand, we are simplifying our purchasing and inventory management, reducing waste and freeing up space in the chambers, Y, for another, We will be reducing inventory costs and raw materials mainly.

Improve your restaurant operations and save on costs

further, with this cost savings, we will have more freedom to launch deals, invest in marketing or redesign the chart with a different material. The important thing here is that simplification is internalized by all team members and above all, exist a corporate culture that fosters from the start.

These are just 5 techniques that can improve the processes of your restaurant, but obviously they are not the only. Whenever I talk to entrepreneurs learn something from each other, so I am convinced that you can apply that best suit your business with others that already have implemented.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.



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