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5 market trends mobility are affecting restaurants


The consumption habits of users have changed the restaurant. Currently the customer demand more mobility services, and if the restaurateur wants to generate business, then you have to meet existing demand.

This market segment will continue to grow at a pace strong over the next four years, It is therefore to adapt to the new paradigm is a fundamental strategy for the sector.

But…, What are the niches that are most relevant in the current market mobility? The following points give an idea:

1.- Catering and delivery for busy customers

The workplace does not let, the appointed time to eat is adjusted and workers want, increasingly, options to ask them quickly and taste your order without investing time.

Several companies in the sector have joined this trend with Service schedule pickup, perfect to avoid queues and are increasingly they distribute daily menus in buildings and office areas.

2.- Home food delivery gourmet

Being in a restaurant overflowing with people is not the concept of dining experience that many diners have in mind when looking for a new restaurant. To avoid this scenario, the distribution of food at home stands as a perfect alternative.

The dining experience at home, in some cases exceeds that of the restaurant itself and midlevel restaurants / high start flirting with home deliveries for gourmets.

3.- Omnichannel flow communication

In traditional restoration communications they were made at street level or through the press or radio. Now, the mobility market leads the field of communications apps mobile, webs, social networks, virtual assistants and chatbots. Are countless opportunities in the digital world and suited to the budget of each local.

4.- Address and retaining young consumers.

The millennials and later generations consumers are more receptive to new technologies and innovative modes of operation. Restaurants can appeal to this cohort of people and capitalize on modern consumer habits.

5.- Strengthening business off-premise.

Sales outside the restaurant are located around the 25% in those restaurants with presence online. Those restaurants to divide between 20 O 25 daily orders scenarios can be found quite easily profitability, although this depends a lot on the average ticket of these. Address these orders only reinforces the mobility market and own the restaurant business.

The restaurant world is in constant change and these aspects are merely some of the most evident in the segment mobility, a world in itself.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.


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