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5 Local SEO tricks for Restaurants: Get the best positioning without website


Are you making your restaurant all the possibilities offered by digital channels to get more customers? In such a competitive sector such as hotels and restaurants, fill business customers It is a great challenge.

One of them is be relevant to customers on the Internet, and this is where the problem comes for most managers: who must deal with preparing the menu, negotiate with suppliers, hiring the right people and make sure everything is in perfect condition.

It is clear that for the owner of a restaurant, attend a website and take all actions required marketing effectively is a daunting task, not impossible.

Can you survive without my restaurant website?

The answer to this question contains nuances as long-term NO, surely your restaurant needs a website sooner or later. Nevertheless, for businesses newly created, they are starting, there are some alternatives.

Its about SEO local. By developing this part of the digital marketing strategy a restaurant, It can boost a brand name to the top of Google without the need for a webpage.

Then we will unmask 5 keys that will help us to start strong local SEO campaign for a restaurant. Establish a local SEO campaign is a very practical and simple process. Nevertheless, you must know the ABCs of search and to find the appropriate tools to ensure that our actions are effective.

5 Local SEO Tips for Restaurants

1.- Set up your Google My Business account

With an account Google My Business You can open a wide door for customers using this search, that is to say, the vast majority of users. Is about complete all the information you require Google to index well your company is well positioned.


2.- Provides the most information about your company

Describe all the details that act as claim for your business. It is not only filling out basic information about our business as address, schedule or telephone number. We must also include special events, Photos, a link to your menu or menu, payment types you accept, and so on.

The most important thing is to ensure that the information provided is accurate and useful for customers / users.


3.- Make a presentation of your business, not a show

Your Google My Business page is not the place to show off excess, or look for shocking twists in the presentation of your activity. Be serious and direct, It is professionally present your restaurant and offer valuable ideas that will convince customers to choose him instead of your competitors.

For example, You can mention that you have an amazing green terrace or publish special recipe of one of the tapas or dishes that have more fame. Can do it through photos on Facebook, Youtube videos or stories of Instagram.

4.- Gives prominence to existing customers

The customer reviews are another important factor that people take into account when choosing a local restaurant after finding it on a search, plus they help with your Google ranking. Currently, get five opinions that mark with 5 star experience in your restaurant help significantly to raise positioning in Google.

5.- Life beyond Google

We must not limit our strategy for local positioning the Google search engine. For a restaurant to be truly relevant search results must be ensured be on other sites that your audience uses to seek recommendations .

For example, You can create a page for your restaurant on specialized platforms like TripAdvisor O Yelp, as they also help to appear in Google search results.


Advice on relevant searches on Google for local restaurants

You've seen that have a professional looking website and perfectly optimized is not the only way to position themselves at the top of the results of this search. Local SEO matters as much or even more, depending on each case, to have a website for a restaurant.

Be relevant to users searching on Google local restaurants these tips. And remember, although these can help you get online visibility you need at first, medium to long term incorporation of a website will surely be necessary to your digital marketing strategy.

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