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5 neuromarketing unknown tricks to make the best carte restaurant menu


He neuromarketing It is one of the most powerful tools to influence consumer behavior. The restaurants are part of that group of business where else can appeal to the emotions of customers by suggestion.

One of the key parts in every restaurant activity is the design and creation of your letter or menu. And the truth is that there are some tricks to guide the customer towards products that interest us consuming. The letter is the visible face of your brand for everyone who visits your business. To put it another way, is a business card, where personality and style local restaurant reflects.

Make your menu a powerful marketing tool

But, What leads to a diner to choose a dish or other?, You wanted that burger before catching the letter or something that has influenced that decision? Actually, good design and perfect arrangement the items in a menu can make this a powerful marketing tool able to induce certain ideas or to certain decisions, that is to say, neuromarketing pure and hard.

According to a recent Research published in the BBC Menu-based Engineering or Engineering Menus, which is dedicated to studying how Menu design can convey certain messages to customers, encouraging them to spend more or even make them want to come back for a second experience, I have some key to optimize the letter and get your sales go up as foam.

Then we will stop at 5 Key aspects when designing the menu or a restaurant menu, and have much more importance than it may seem at first.

5 Tricks for your restaurant menu is infallible

  1. The weight of the letter or menu

It has been shown that the menus or letters that are heavier suggest to the client that is in a more upscale establishment, where you can expect high levels of service and quality.

  1. The font used on the menu

Font or letter used to write the menu can convey similar messages; for example, a kind of Cursive letter conveys an idea regarding service quality but also to the product. Nevertheless, watch out, the use of elaborate fountains that are hard to read may also have another effect, to alter the taste of food when we imagine, that is to say, when deciding what to order.

  1. Descriptions of the dishes

The words used to describe each food can do much beyond sound tempting, They can make us salivate. A study 2016 at the University of Cologne he proved to be effective name plates with words that mimic the movements of the mouth when eating.

They determined that the words move from the front to the back of the mouth were more effective. Even when we read silently, perhaps because by reading the brain still it stimulates motor movements necessary to produce speech. This masticatory effect, suggest the study authors, It makes our salivary glands work.

  1. Game prices in the letter

All is already known the game down a penny or penny the price of the dish to look like practically a euro or dollar cheaper. Another technique is recommended not group all prices in a column in the menu, This enables the client to perform a quick check and can easily group the cheaper products.

Prices without decimals also allow the customer to do the math has a simpler forms and generates great confidence in the restaurant.

  1. The color used in the menu design

The words on the menu are not all that sends signals. The colors you use can also have a strong impact. certain colors, like green are often used to mean the food is healthy and fresh, while orange is believed to stimulate appetite.

Meanwhile red color suggests a sense of urgency and perhaps draws attention to those most interested are requested dishes, probably because they have the highest profit margin.

A good menu or wine sales is a guarantee for a restaurant

As we have seen, it is essential have a letter in the restaurant well done. further, Besides begin to describe the identity of our business, a good presentation menu It is a guarantee sales, we will allow increase the average ticket, one of the main objectives in the end everything hotelier looking.

Thus, for improve profitability, To satisfy the client, cost recovery and increase sales, we test the necessary adjustments. Use the five keys mentioned in this post and get an effective menu and help achieve the goals of your restaurant.

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