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5 Tricks to optimize the letter of your restaurant


If I were forced to choose one the most important factors contributing to the proper functioning of a restaurant, for me, that would be the letter. It is the visible face of your brand for everyone who visits your business. To put it another way, is a business card, where personality and style local restaurant reflects.

For this reason it is essential have a letter in the restaurant well done. further, Besides begin to describe the identity of our business, a good presentation menu It is a guarantee sales, we will allow increase the average ticket, one of the main objective in the end all hotelier looking.

There are a number of keys and tricks to optimize the letter and get your sales go up as foam, so pay attention:

5 steps to achieve a perfect card for your restaurant

1.- Promote the dishes that most sell

We will highlight what your customers like best. For it, we analyze our sales Y identify the most popular and profitable dishes are.

Once I figured this out, we have many ways to highlight your star dishes:

  • We will play with the look of the client. There is a technique known as "The Golden Triangle restoration" of fitting the dishes in the upper right corner, center, or in the lower left corner, as they are They pay more attention areas.
  • Place irresistible images, thus you will facilitate your choice.
  • Write one Little description of these dishes, to make them more palatable and make salivate customer.
  • uses bright colors evoking sensations.

2.- Use separate letters

In our experience, we believe that It is a resource to sell more. Have different cards in your restaurant may seem more investment and a bit useless, but actually after the initial outlay, you will see the result soon.

So too this will avoid having an excessive length. If customers have to decide with a ten-page letter, They will surely be frustrated by having too many choices. This will generate pressure and will lead them to make a quick decision, which will decrease the turn table (Another key to increase restaurant sales). It would be best you had a wine list, a main, one dessert and one cocktail.

3.- Menu Engineering

The main purpose of menu engineering is stimulate buying target items, presumably the most profitable, and discourage the purchase of those who are less profitable.

As we have already mentioned, in order to optimize the letter of your restaurant it is to increase the average ticket and this requires Sort by popularity dishes and anticipated benefit, a system based on matriz the Boston Consulting Group, resulting 4 types of dishes that we must differentiate:

  • Star dish: extremely popular and very profitable.
  • cow dish: They sell well, but with little margin.
  • enigma dish: unpopular, but very profitable. They are the hardest to sell!
  • dog dish: unpopular and unprofitable.

With each classification matrix, different decisions are made to improve profitability, To satisfy the client, improve costs and increase sales. Try the necessary adjustments:

  • Star: Give all you can improve! Take advantage are dishes that sell themselves to increase their prices or combine them with riddles to help get a higher profit margin.
  • Cow: Try to adjust the ingredients to optimize the cost of food. The idea is to increase the margin without changing the essence Convert your beef dishes in stars!
  • Enigma: It is very interesting to take the letter from a financial perspective. You can try to highlight them a little more to show up.
  • Dog: With this dish, the ideal is to know how to sell it to increase its popularity. If that's not enough to increase its sale, It's time to take the dogs for a walk outside your letter!

4.- Use proper names

We have found that customers are more attracted the names of those dishes with family and household names. For example, "Croquettes my grandmother", "Homemade plum cake" or "Aunt Mary omelette". They are dishes that generate confidence and will make the customer look for a hole in his stomach that is too full.

It is a strategy marketing playing with emotions, and provokes memories that push us to take decisions beyond all logic and is entirely governed by feelings.

5.- It provides rations in different sizes

We recommend using the technique known as "Fork" of offering two sizes in rations with different prices. A mask (the big one) and another cheaper (smaller).

Normally, the client will choose the small, without knowing what their size, because its price is lower.

What is interesting here it is the comparison, it will influence customer choice, This will substitute the small portion thinking it's much cheaper and so, unconsciously, consume more dishes.

Improves the operation of a restaurant beginning with the letter

Did you know, if you have a good card, could you sales climb up to 30%? This data is sickening but also perfectly illustrates the importance of this element in the fate of a restaurant.

Take advantage of these great tips and start optimizing aspects of your business for make it more profitable. And in the end all we get carried away by first impressions, the first step towards profitability may develop that perfect letter, we present and represent us to the customer, I get to sell our offer subtly attractive, basically, making my mouth water.

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