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5 digital utilities to provide the best business dinners or events in a restaurant


Digital channels have become a major avenue for restaurants that want to make the most of acquisition and retention events or groups of diners.

With Christmas and all the holidays just around the corner, Restaurants can use these new digital channels to increase revenue very significant ways. Esto se debe a que hoy en día contamos con suficientes aplicaciones digitales para aporta innovación y nuevos valores en todas las fases de la experiencia que un cliente desarrolla en un restaurante.

For since the capture of that group of diners who want to celebrate a company dinner, until the final event, disponemos con un abanico de digital applications that will help us to perform these tasks a more efficient and, definitely, even more closer to excellence in our restaurant.

Applications for scanning business dinners a restaurant

1.- 10Restaurants: Get customer groups and events for your restaurant

10Restaurants It is undoubtedly the leading platform specialized in finding those groups of diners looking for a restaurant or a catering service to celebrate any event, whether a company dinner, a birthday, a communion or a wedding. It is perfect for those groups that are more than 10 diners and need a restaurant to celebrate an event.

Esta web permite a los usuarios find the perfect restaurant for any group celebration. The client simply indicates you need for your event and restaurants offer different proposals that fit your needs, all through a comfortable conversational environment that allows restaurants to contact directly with the customer through the web chat own, talking on the phone and exchanging emails or WhatsApps.

More of 2.000 restaurants and use, and in the last year they have been published 30.000 events which means that more than 1.000.000 diners have gone through this web, an opportunity that no restaurant can lose.

2.- Pinterest: Inspiración para que tu restaurante pueda ofrecer los mejores eventos

Pinterest is an inspirational network, a place where customers seek and find ideas that will move them to act in the future, but they can also do restaurants. In the same of 10Restaurantes blog ofrecen semanalmente colecciones para que ambos den con la inspiración necesaria y logren así los mejores eventos.

Son los clientes los que comparten la mayor cantidad de fotos y contenidos sobre el evento que se realizan en un restaurante. Nevertheless, este no debe quedarse parado y de cada evento, You can also generate a lot of contenido de calidad que le servirá al restaurante para reforzar su imagen y su marca en los entornos digitales.

3.- 7shifts: Organizar los turnos de tus trabajadores en los eventos

The special days of the Christmas holidays, O in the month of dinners, You have to have all the full squad, and you may even need new additions, as the workload requires us to maintain the level of staff. Arrange on these dates work schedules is more complicated, and also may provide new changes and modifications to which no longer need to memorize a table full shift.

7shifts allows the manager of a restaurant quickly upload times their workers Internet and that they are instantly visible, so you always know when to work and to share their preferences availability and rest time. The application also allows managers and employees chat with each other in real time.

4.- fire Track: It offers the best music for the event

fire Track es una plataforma especializada en ofrecer music streaming services specializing in business.

Encontrar la música correcta para ambientar un restaurante es muy importante para la valoración de los clientes. Si quieres encontrar la simbiosis perfecta entre la música y tu local, Take a look at the playlist that every month we prepare in our newspaper to acclimate the best restaurants.

5.- archway: Know the opinion of your customers about the event

archway is an application based on customer feedback about a restaurant. Diners say from your mobile privately and businesses get feedback to know what points should improve their business activity or which are most valued by customers.

This analysis the online reputation of a restaurant es la mejor forma de detectar puntos débiles y convertirlos en oportunidades para improve your service events. Do not miss the great opportunity posed know what they think about your restaurant of what attending the events held.

Begins to capture events for your restaurant by digital channels

New technologies put at our fingertips the ability to improve productivity and efficiency of our restaurant in the next events we make.

In the restaurants, more and more processes can be automated and digitalised. Capturing events and customer groups, scheduling shifts for our employees, music, the lighting, la optimización de comandas o la gestión de las opiniones son aspectos que hoy en día podemos controlar mucho más facilmente gracias a aplicaciones o plataformas digitales como las que hemos compartido en este artículo.

No pierdas de vista este contenido y escoge aquellas utilidades digitales que por tu público, your restaurant and your goals can help you better achieve your goals.

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