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5 innovative utilities to include in a restaurant App


The use of smartphones by customers grows exponentially restaurants, are increasingly those in your gastronomic share this experience with your community of followers through WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or any social network that actively participate.

All this is causing Many restaurants are considering the possibility of starting a digital presence through as smartphones or mobile web App. Be clear about the difference between the options is a very important aspect when assessing how to position ourselves in the mobile market, we must bear in mind that the app must be downloaded by users and this is a very important added difficulty, an entry barrier to be overcome.

We should not ask developing an App own if it is not backed by a content strategy that provides a clear value for our customers through interaction with the application. That is to say, if only we seek to have more presence or possibility of get reservations through these devices because with a mobile web or web Responsive we could get this result without having to develop an App.

The development and launch an app for a restaurant today It represents a significant competitive advantage, because it allows customers to be informed about many aspects of business and interact with them through the application itself.

So I would like to share with my readers some utilities that today should already be incorporated into a development project of an App for a restaurant. Beyond the typical and all information known as where is the restaurant, the su letter the menu, The possibilities are endless and we should exploit the full potential for transmitting an innovative restaurant information and real value for our client.

New utilities to surprise users App's restaurants

1.- It offers restaurant reservations with displacement included

For customers who are not in an area close to the restaurant, Thanks to the geolocation we can offer an extra service that provides a value to the reserve.

In this case the mobile application should be able to while booking the customer in the restaurant, launch an order to a taxi service to pick up the diner at the point where it is and bring it to the restaurant. In the United States this service already provides Zomato, one of the great leaders in finding restaurants, thanks to an agreement with Uber. It is certainly an added value that would favor the movement for those potential customers who are not coming to the restaurant.

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2.- Attracts your client proximity through geomarketing

When we talk about customers close one of the most important advantages offered the Apps is the ability to know the exact place where there is a prospect thanks to GPS coordinates. By Geomarketing we can identify the location of potential customer and guide you to our restaurant.

It is an element that works very well with users who visit a city as the value of proximity to a restaurant is an element decisive when choosing where to eat.

3.- It allows the customer to pay with your App

Payment through mobile is a reality that grows exponentially and restaurants have to offer to its customers through its App. The mobile payment by credit card itself with electronic wallet It is a competitive differential that certainly appreciate a very special new digital customers.

In the article I wrote under the title “Google wants you to pay in restaurants saying: "Pay with Google"” it is evident that whenever payment systems via smartphones will be simpler and facilitate transactions without long waits at restaurants.

4.- It includes food delivery service with delivery time controlled

The growth of food delivery orders or to collect made through App's is one of the niche markets that have grown the most in percentage Spain in the year 2015.

It would therefore be very interesting include this new service when us to consider the development of an App. A good example is Maple, an application of food at home which serves in central New York. This App changes daily menu noon and night and organizes orders based on the distance of the customer to ensure that this never have your meal in a top time 15 minutes.

5.- Adapt your proposal to the nutritional needs of your customers

Nutritional information is one element that is emerging more strongly in the new restaurant industry, businesses inform their customers of the nutritional components have a competitive advantage for customers with a healthy lifestyle. further, App can generate added value if we connect this nutritional information with other applications based on the user sport, can offer a series of customized menus tailored to customer diet once you have finished making their sports activities.

I can not conclude this article without taking into account one of the main elements that we can generate user interaction through the App's, the push technology, which can send notifications on the screen of mobile customers at peak times among other things getting instant user interaction. The key is always not generate spam, but to offer a communication strategy that makes sense and that providing real value to the customer at the time you need it.

Each time we will have more restaurants available App, It is a growing market in a very important way, but we must bear in mind that the amount should never be at odds with the quality, and a key element is plan the strategy of communication and interaction with our potential customers to be really become a recruitment and retention tool.

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