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5 utilities now can not miss in a restaurant app


Who does not have a mobile phone handy? In the West the percentage of people with terminal is around the 98%, and this value is global over the next decade.

given the performance of current mobile, and taking into consideration that data coverage does nothing but improve, it is logical that the business of the digital age think about how to take performance to a device that is always accompanied by its owner and is inherently designed to facilitate the exchange of information and communication.

One of the many answers that have been reached are apps mobile. These custom applications replace or complement the web pages what, although they were new in the nineties, now no longer generate much interest among users.

exist Templates for these apps mobile that can be configured to suit the restorer, but the result is slightly differentiated from other businesses offered by generic product sector and fails to capitalize on the popularity of the brand; in any case contrary, You can reach this business degrade image.

Thus, the real key to success are the apps own mobile, usually implemented from scratch by a company specializing in the development of this type of company software. But ... What modules or utilities should contain the app a restaurant to succeed?

The development of such programs is usually expensive and vitally important for restaurateurs, why this question can not be left unanswered.

1.- An online ordering system that is efficient

There are multiple platforms that offer this service to restaurants. One example is the home delivery companies of food that are responsible for managing consumer food orders and pass them on to the restaurant.

Nevertheless, while collaboration with external companies may seem pristine in the first instance, the reality is that is full of inefficiencies. They are three more accused:

  • Loss of control over the process requests online, with consequent communication barrier that stands between the parties involved.
  • Entry into effect Surcharges and Rates devenidas by the use of the reservation system online of the partner company, actually expensive restaurant service or decreased profit margins.
  • latency between the moment when the user through the menu that will take and the arrival of commands to the restaurant kitchen is decided.

So in the apps art mobile, paragraph order online It is directly connected to a display screen installed in the kitchen, so that chef and assistants can respond in real time to requests for diners.

This methodology reduces service time and increases user satisfaction.

Such systems also eliminate the usual occurrence of errors in the communication line orders: wrong items, not available, duplications or omissions, and completely lost orders.

2.- An alternative to digital kiosk autopedido

The apps phones do not have to be limited to remote orders. Unlike, the use of these tools within the local is commendable and should be encouraged among users.

The main advantage drawn from doing so is that tails against thes kiosks autopedido They are substantially reduced. further, It offers a quick alternative when the kiosk in question is occupied by some guests who experience difficulties using technology. We have all suffered at some point that viejete is lost between interactive menus. The apps phones are the solution.

further, If your installation is enhanced, you can give a new purpose to restaurant areas previously dedicated to unproductive lines to expand the lounge. At peak times the restaurants are filled, a common stamp on those businesses dedicated to fast food, and a full restaurant is a restaurant that is not making the most of their chances.

There are establishments in an effort to minimize these situations have installed tablets order on tables. Although the operation is correct, it is much easier to operate from your mobile phone, And we can not forget that the initial investment in electronic equipment and its maintenance will exceed development app mobile.

3.- Information on customer order status

There is nothing more frustrating for the diner who visits a restaurant to see how they deliver menus to adjoining tables to it while not ignoring you.

Lack of information can lead to negative feelings in people passing through the restaurant. But this is easily solved through a app. As in parcel services a section in which track our goods it is made is provided, restaurants are beginning to offer similar traceability, both for those who make their order online from home, and for those who do so from their own local.

Know that five minutes until you leave our lasagna oven allows us to enjoy that time neglecting food, and not obcecarse and feed disappointment constantly peering service where camaraderie is directed.

4.- Facilitate and enhance customer comments

The best apps mobile for restaurants have a built system reviews to restaurants issuing a reminder to the diner after lunch. With these notifications is intended to increase the number of visitors who leave an opinion on the local, number without such warnings would be very low.

The system reviews can be used for restaurants integration with leading aggregators reviews o no. A) Yes, if we choose there is direct communication between the app and review pages, these appear automated sites as Tripadvisor, ElTenedor, Google My Business

An effective system reviews will also be equipped with a good communication platform that allows the restorer, manager or responsible local public relations to respond to reviews and negative opinions. Is paramount dealing with negative comments for several reasons:

  • Clarify what was the aspect that caused such a feeling
  • Correct or report on those reviews that do not correspond to the reality of the facts
  • Offer solutions to make the dissatisfied customer into a repeat customer

Of course, with an efficient communication and thanks to artificial intelligence, they may configure automated responses to thank the guests who share experiences or positive tests.

5.- Including loyalty programs and reward systems

One of the great advances in the marketing for restaurants during 2018 It was the use of customer loyalty programs for repeat business through the reward system or sending notifications ultrapersonalizadas.

The loyalty program is the most notorious of Starbucks, who they are now trying to adapt to their needs restoration many other brands organized as Taco Bell O McDonald’s, among many others.

The idea behind these systems is to reward convert the casual diner usual one. And there are those who are making, Italian restaurants chain based in USA. THE. Fazoli’s They have experienced an unprecedented surge in volume window.

The customer loyalty programs and reward system have been cataloged by the press as the catering sector one of the macrotendencias most important for 2019 and years ahead.

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