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5 advantages of having an app for your Restaurant


The emergence of specialized applications in restaurants has made all a revolution in the industry. The many benefits they offer and utilities facilitate the daily management of both managers and business owners, and customer.

The percentage of users who use Applications for restaurants ups each day. A restaurants, Like many other companies in other sectors enables them to offer more personalized customer experiences while it is enabling and rewarding the participation of these.

Therefore, we would like to share with readers some of the benefits of deploying a mobile application in our business successfully. But, What are the real benefits it can bring an app for a restaurant?

5 benefits of applications for restaurants

1.- It provides greater speed rotation tables

Which means less waiting for customers. With a mobile application, Any restaurant can accept orders made by users directly from their terminals, without human interaction part of the company. Requests go directly to the kitchen so, during peak periods, customers do not need to wait to have staff available to take your orders. You can thus also serve many more people in less time.

When an order is placed via telephone, the waiting time decreases since the beginning of the process. further, Once the food has been brought to the table, The customer can then use the application to pay immediately, without having to ask and wait for the account, saving time once again.

It is estimated that an application can make customers from leaving a restaurant having saved about 20 minutes, so your table may be used by new customers more times. This represents an increase in turnover restaurant and an improved customer experience.

2.- Helps keep your customers satisfied

Reducing wait times is a key condition for maintaining customer satisfaction. A no diner likes sitting waiting to take note of your order, surrounded by restaurant staff around in a hurry.

This image must be a thing of the past thanks to the possibilities offered by apps for restaurants. The results are often less unhappy customers, fewer complaints, less negative reviews and the opportunity to offer a more personalized experience, something vital for any restaurant today.

3.- Cosigue loyal customers

With fast customer record in applying the restaurant will be enough to start enjoying loyalty schemes and rewards. No need for physical cards, and any action such as registration, collection points or restaurant visits are documented in the fastest way, convenient and simple, which is a great incentive for the user / client to use the app.

Getting customer loyalty through the application of our restaurant is a primary goal, as it has proven to be committed customers buy 90% more establishments which are connected by an app.

4.- Improved control of food orders

Today, the whole process of reception, preparation and delivery has undergone a complete revolution. Now customers can pay the amount of the order by phone, what It reduces the possibility that some obstruct the rest at the reception while they pay and collect your food.

Again he repeats customer satisfaction, can already, in minimum time, get to the restaurant, pick up your order, and go in seconds. This makes they can be processed more orders with greater efficiency and we reduce the queues within our business, which in turn will allow more new customers through the door of the local.

5.- Connect with your customers through push notifications

Push notifications are generated by the same application the restaurant and are one of the main elements allow interaction with users. Among other things, send notifications on the screen of mobile customers at peak times, thus achieving instant user interaction. The key is to not generate spam, but offer you a communication strategy that makes sense and to provide real value to the customer when you need it.

And the truth is that when comparing performance against email these notifications, the figures are surprisingly favorable to the push, which have rates display the message and users who click on the link, much higher than in email.

These are the benefits you can get a restaurant with an app

In summary, a proper application of a restaurant can offer many benefits to this. Just as companies in other sectors that are already improving the customer experience with mobile apps, for the catering industry should not be different.

So take advantage of this trend will be an increase in customer participation will allow us siginificativamente enhance your dining experience and the results of our business.

Each time we will have more available app's restaurants, It is a growing market in a very important way, but we must bear in mind that the amount should never be at odds with the quality, and a key element is to plan the strategy of communication and interaction with our potential customers to be really become a tool useful and efficient uptake and retention.

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