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5 Restaurants advantages to accept mobile payments


Mobile payments represent a growing trend in the global restaurant industry. In large US cities, in most restaurants, mainly chains Casual and Fast Food, accept this type of payment as normal.

Many restaurant customers who have experienced mobile payment, They have obtained a high degree of satisfaction in this digital process, As I said in the article published under the title, "He 98% customers who have paid in a restaurant with a mobile would do it again ".

According to the NH Hotels, It is expected this year an increase in 60,5% in the number of mobile payments, to stand at 47.000 millions.

I would like to share with you, some reflections on the benefits of this new form of payment to restaurants.


Most companies offering payment services on mobile, They use the most advanced technology to offer traceability of the entire process through different encryption methods and application of NFC technology. (Near Field Communication), completely safe and with lower percentages of fraud to other systems, such as credit cards.


Restaurants are required to seek excellence in all the services they offer their customers, Undoubtedly ease, speed and versatility involving payment through mobile, goes in this direction.

3.- information:

The payment process at a restaurant, hides a lot of information about our customers, that through the implementation of a big data strategy, these dates, They must be processed and analyzed in order to detect and improve behavior patterns, and find predictive models that allow us to anticipate changes in our market.


Undoubtedly, payment via mobile phone, right now, It is an innovative and differentiating element for those restaurants that decide to incorporate this system. In addition to improving a key process, transmits to the customer the image of a proactive restaurant, that seeks to satisfy their needs through the implementation of the latest technologies.


Mobile payment causes greater efficiency in this process, but also, Most of these system, They have integrated loyalty programs and rewards, which represent a new real possibility of increasing sales.

The incorporation of mobile technology, and in particular the payment via smartphones, will continue to grow exponentially in the coming months, but as always it happens with new technologies in the restaurant industry, will be the customer, through use, which confirm its real usefulness.

To end, I share with you a video where the three payment systems are examined moving more used today, Apple Pay, Google Wallet y Pay Pal:

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