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50% discount in a restaurant eating together Israelis and Palestinians


There are few things a good meal at a table can not achieve. Definitely, This is the premise that lead by flag owners Hummus Bar, an Israeli restaurant has decided to bring together Israelis and Palestinians to blow discounted dinners.

Specific, the business is M Mall in Kfar Vitkin, a small town an hour and a half north of the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv, and there is no religion or wars that are worth. There is also no dispute over who invented the recipe for hummus, there is only one firm intention: to end the hatred and leave room to peace.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine and left thousands dead, homeless families and territories devastated by war completely, which of course, most of the civilian population of both states flatly rejects. Among them, Hummus Bar owners, Who They have been proposed to end the fighting in a very special way. What how they do it? Very easy: with food by. In the Hummus Bar offers a juicy discount, neither more nor less than a 50 percent, for those Arabs and Jews to sit together for lunch or dinner.

The proposal of this place came after an explosion of violence that killed more than forty-eight Jews and Palestinians worsened in number of attacks between the two sides. An untenable situation that aroused the solidarity of the owners business.

Discounts at a restaurant that unites Israelis and Palestinians

"Are you afraid the Arabs? Are you afraid the Jews? With us no Arabs or Jews. With us there are people! ¡Y hummus, and falafel! Special offer: 50% discount on tables where Arabs and Jews sit together».

So they advertised on their own Facebook page This publication -in the original message written in Hebrew- what already exceeds 8.000 ‘likes’, a thousand comments and has been 2.000 sometimes shared. It is included, They dare to overcome these two religions and include in the plan any other to seek unity and coexistence in these difficult times of violence. What added to close this post: "¡Excellent Arabic hummus! And great Jewish falafel! And free refill per serving of hummus, if you're Arab, bean, Christian, Hindu, etc.”.

Hummus, the dish of the restaurant that unites Arabs and Jews

But it is not only in social networks, where the initiative has had a major impact. According to the restaurant manager, Kobe is Tzafr, told the Times of Israel, the response has been positive on both sides and There have been people who come to the restaurant not only to enjoy the offer, but also to congratulate them on the idea.

There is more to visit the aforementioned Facebook page to see pictures of visitors who are going through their maxims to live this experience. “If there is anything that can bring these people, That's the hummus”, Tzafrir said with full confidence in improving the situation every day thousands of citizens living on both sides of the Gaza Strip.

Initially, the offer would be limited to certain days of the week, from Thursday to Sunday, but the good reception given to the idea has made its owners to rethink extended to every day and "perhaps forever", says Tzafrir.

The restaurant in question serves typical local food, The Estilo kosher, a type of Jewish cuisine based on biblical precepts of Leviticus. Among the dishes served primarily we find said chickpea and falafel, in various variants.

The news of this act of solidarity has been around the world and many media worldwide have echoed the news. For example, British newspapers as the Daily Mail O The Telegraph, American Washington Post, the Spanish ABC O 20minutes, it is included, Arab TV Aljazeera They have been set at the initiative of Hummus Bar.

Are actions and details like this that make great human beings. And is that Few things are more universal than gastronomy. We learn to enjoy, share and make her make the world a slightly happier place.

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