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50 healthy and fun ideas dishes for back to school kids



The month of September is the month around the holidays by excellence. While adults share on social networks both the joy of enjoying a few days off as the penalty for the return to routine, who most fear this month, They are definitely children.

They carry 3 months "silly soup" to suddenly have to cut all that enjoyment roots and rise early again, to get the coattails, Combing and carry the backpack to cole. it is shock, for many children may lead to an eating disorder. Lack of appetite, or dispersion mealtime can become a problem, Nevertheless, there are some simple solutions that can adopt.

Increases the appetite of children with fun dishes

Create colorful and fun dishes meals that remind them of their favorite characters is the perfect incentive to get kids to revive their interest in food and return everything to normal, thus we have compiled this collection of 50 irresistible dishes for both children and adults.

Not only you will achieve arouse the interest of the smallest for food, but also encourage creativity and imagination. To enjoy!

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