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6 Key to respond correctly online Restaurant Reviews


Million users worldwide, write online opinions from various platforms such as TripAdvisor or ElTenedor, daily. Comments made from different motivations: pander to the establishment, criticizing service, complain about an incident, recommend the experience, etc. In all cases, prevails the need to receive an answer. It is a human characteristic, If we expect a response action, more if it is communicating an experience exposed to many readers.

In this sense, Today we know how important it is respond to all customer opinions left in various digital channels. And we know the consequences of doing:

  • Give an image of interest and respect for the customer experience.
  • Draw attention to the benefits of restaurant.
  • Generate interaction and win new diners.

Nevertheless, not all the answers get these results. It is therefore important to apply certain basic rules and maintain them as part of marketing online del restaurante. These would be some to consider:

1.- Fully understand what the client is expressing in his commentary

If you refer to a service, particular food or staff, check the history and make checks what has lived, to respond properly. Avoid an automatic response, much less repeat the same thing several answers. For it a negative view, it would be essential to an investigation of what may have caused criticism, to canr prepare the best answer possible.

2.- Always give thanks

The user has a motivation for taking the time to write this comment, either because their experience has been good and wants to pander to the restaurant, or more importantly, because he has lived an unpleasant moment and think others should know. If any of the two scenarios, we should always thank, as an act of humility that softens the situation more positively predisposes the reader to the rest of the answer.

3.- Using the right language

In this sense is ideal to have a storytelling as part of strategies Restaurant marketing, and follow a consistent style and tone in all communications. The response of a fast food restaurant aimed at millennials, It should not be the same as that of a restaurant whose prospects are lovers of healthy food and proximity, for example, and it will be convenient to have a language adapted to each case. Although it is always very effective respond with a friendly and close tone, it implies that there are human beings behind the answer.

5.- Reply with concrete data

In these times of custom restore, is ideal tailor the response to each case, because the message that the user receives is that the restaurant you are interested in their customers as individuals and not just as consumers. The transparency and authenticity It is one of the features most valued today in almost all industries, more on gastronomy, where diners expect to live increasingly emotional and personalized experiences.

6.- Always include a call to action

Let us not forget that online reviews are a powerful form of promotion restaurant. They have a golden opportunity to appeal to users who write and those who read. How? For inviting these customers to enjoy special offers, a signature dish, event, or any strong point of the restaurant. To get a better idea, Take for example the case of a restaurant that is receiving opinions online through ElTenedor. This could be a correct answer:

"Thanks for your words! We love that you had a satisfying experience and you enjoyed our recipe for cod with caramelized onions. Would you like to repeat? Come back when you want booking ElTenedor to obtain a 50% discount on our menu. Surely if you try our seafood dishes or our risottos, you will not regret. We will wait for you!”

What if the opinion was a critical?

"Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us (the incident) and we offer apologies. We note and we get down to work to improve (what says) because it is not usual. Do we you give a new opportunity? We invite you to return, ElTenedor booking from a 50% discount card, and we can bring you the experience you deserve. Thanks for your comment".

The online reviews are one of the factors more influence customers to make their purchase decision, when search for restaurants. How to respond in the most efficient way? The key is empathy. If we put ourselves in the skin of customers, sure We give the spot and we earn the trust of users who write and those who read. So be it!

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