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6 advice to open a restaurant and not die trying


If you are not willing to make certain sacrifices, maybe you should think twice before opening a restaurant. And, Conversely, You are willing to realize your dream regardless, with effort and work like flag, your project will succeed. In case you're still not sure what steps to take, Here are some of the keys to your debut on opening a restaurant will translate into a future project.

1.- Be practical

Each restaurant is different and there is no general rule for running a facility. Yours conforms to what you intend to get with him, his philosophy as restaurant. Just as local culinary another range It is not the same as a tavern or a Chinese food restaurant, we should not use the same resources for some and for others. For example, If your business is a burger with a touch of America in the years 50, no need to take out the good china and fine crystal. Some glasses and simple dishes with a retro style Uncle Sam will get better with the decor and will be much cheaper.

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2.- Do not skimp on expenses

Being practical does not mean every penny racanear. According to Danny Serfer, owner Blue Collar Y Mignonette, you have to spend whatever it takes to ensure the best quality food, material, furniture and tools to acquire. evidently, at the beginning of a new project the amount of money invested will be higher, so always keep a reserve for disbursement involving startup, and for all contingencies that may arise. Do not forget that quality what is offered will depend on the customer experience is a success or not, and this will result in return in the form of new visits to the restaurant.

3.- Choose the appropriate work equipment

In any work, there is good atmosphere among staff is essential for the proper practice of the profession and, in this case, in which everyone has to paddle one to pull it off, It is even more important. Thus, It is vital form a equipment people not only qualified for the position assigned, but involved in the project and feel it as yours. The responsibility of each employee will be key, as the chief chef-owner is not omnipotent and can not be aware of each and every one of the tasks of everyday life in a restaurant. You should place your trust in employees and delegate certain control functions which can not personally take charge. Of course, this choice of the template will not be easy and may even require several tests before finding the suitable worker, but do not give up. In this operation will be the key to a kitchen.

4.- Be consistent

The first thing to be clear is what you want to achieve, where are you going with your project. Once we have these clear principles, it's time to think about how you do it and the answer to that question is clear: consistently. So says Kevin Nashan, chef-owner Sidney Street Cafe and Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co. He effort Initial will not help if the strips months towel. It may take time to met expectations but being true to the philosophy of your restaurant, with full trust in the work that is being done and, especially, not giving up, will reward. new problems and issues to be addressed will appear, but do not get distracted, Set yourself goals daily and follow the path chosen at the beginning of the adventure.

5.- objective: the client

If there is something not to lose sight of it is our number one priority: the client. All work must be in focus not only to satisfy diners, but to make your experience in your restaurant unique and unrepeatable. If you manage to make it happen, most likely to recommend you to their friends and family and that they visit your home to check first hand. Aileen V. Reilly, co-owner Beast + Bottle, notes that it is important to think of the customer as the person who feeds deal and keeps its doors open, not as it will thicken our ego.

6.- Find the balance

In many cases, We talk about family businesses in which everyone is involved so professional and personal. If your restaurant is one of these cases, you have to know how to maintain a balance between family and job, being aware that there may be labor problems must not leave the stove, just as family disputes should not affect our dishes.

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