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6 Examples of how restaurants promote social responsibility


The restaurants, as places of social relationship, They have favored integration of different groups, something that we have seen lately more often, especially through social networks. And even in the countries of Mediterranean culture there is a tradition of promoting interaction between individuals, It is in the United States where they have appeared the most innovative cases.

In this article we will give some examples of how promote integration in a restaurant through language learning and solidarity actions. The aim is to offer new ideas through key based on successful experiences, for entrepreneurs and restaurant owners can have an overview of the possibilities offered by such initiatives.

Examples of social actions in restaurants

The restaurants are probably one of the offices where we can find a diverse population, mainly the result of immigration. The different skill levels that are necessary to work in hospitality allow many immigrants choose these jobs as a way to generate income. Nevertheless, one of the problems that are often found, It is the language barrier.

1.- Teaches languages ​​to employees

There are many entrepreneurs who decide teach the local language their employees as a practical form of integration. For vegan restaurant VSPOT, Danny Carabano New York is paradigmatic. Your manager offers English classes to employees, which they are mostly of Latin origin. In some European restaurants, This is also a common policy for workers who have just joined.

2.- Encourages conversations in other languages

Although in principle this practice was more common in cafeterias, the Language discussions They are spreading in certain restaurants. In some cases, there are people who lend themselves voluntarily to speak spontaneously. It is also a way to make friends and increasing the circle of social relations. You can name case Bohemian in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil or brewery Beer Station, in Madrid, but certainly in your city, There are several cafes and bars where conversation is practiced in other languages.

3.- Promotes solidarity markets

there are actions some restaurants organize to contribute to the integration of groups at risk of social exclusion. The organization of the market or markets to market certain products is a way to help those most in need and also promote the exchange of experiences, making this initiative a very desirable alternative. In addition power of a very positive brand image that supports Restaurant.

4.- It offers your facilities as a center for meetings

In recent years, There are restaurants offering their space for certain associations make their meetings. There is no charge for it, since the objective simply is to improve the relationship with the environment.

There are very consistent cases, such as environmental organizations or animal shelters that meet, usually, in vegetarian restaurants. Converting restaurants in coworking spaces, is another one business model expanding for some years, US trend that has come from Europe.

5.- Collaborates with charities

In some cases, restaurants have a food surplus, If charities can not yield, It is going to waste. Fortunately, the practice of give those foods they will no longer market but are in perfect condition for consumption is increasingly common.

In U.S, It is common to resort to Salvation Army, the collaboration of companies like McDonald's being famous. In Spain, the Food Banks O Caritas usually the entities that manage these processes.

6.- disinterested disaster relief

catastrophes, sean terrorist attacks or other type, make people give their best. In New York, and during the days following the 11-S, many restaurants worked selflessly to provide food to the victims and security forces.

On the other hand, in many cases, the use of infrastructure is favored. This also we have seen in several restaurants in England or Barcelona, in recent terrorist attacks, or when Jamie Oliver offered food and shelter to victims of the fire at the Grenfell Tower London.

Restaurants as the focus of social integration

Social work can be immense restaurants, provided there is the will to collaborate. Examples are multiplying worldwide.

They have become the center of many solidarity actions boil spontaneously generated. We have also seen how they have used social networks to mobilize more people possible, and thus give more strength to all its initiatives. The possibility of hosting people from other countries, teach a language or help in difficult times is nothing more than the modern evolution of the role of community center have always had restaurants.

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