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6 basic premises to manage the marketing of restaurants on social networks


Internet has brought a revolution in the way of advertising. When the network began to reach every corner of our lives at the end of last century, digital commerce began to capture the attention of entrepreneurs. The need to deliver the most effective ads to potential consumers has based the creation of what we now know as advertising online.

Nowadays, virtual ads, campaigns marketing in social networks and management of the digital presence of the restaurant are a must for the professional sector. Even more so considering how the coronavirus crisis has changed consumer habits. Nevertheless, the speed at which events occur in the field of technology sometimes knocks out less digitally savvy restaurant owners.

On the other hand, have timely success with a promotional campaign it can be easy, but maintain the activity of the restaurant always on the rise thanks to a robust digital advertising strategy requires deep knowledge in marketing, graphic design, psychology, macrodata analytical and even literary style. Thus, always stay afloat in these moments, with a very late entry into the digital market, it is not a trivial matter.

To facilitate the work of those responsible for public relations of the restaurant as far as possible, In this article we are going to explore six fundamentals of a good advertising campaign online in social networks that will be the extent of any establishment, no matter the size of your operation.

1.- Share your purpose through your content

Younger consumers want to know What makes it different from your local. There are thousands of restaurants out there that do not stand out above their competitors in any way., and that is partly due to a lack of screening of his entrepreneurial personality. Brand image fails.

To build a successful business consumers have to be able to identify the establishment and easily define what identifies you with respect to other restaurants that serve the same niche.

typography, interior decoration, furniture design, menus and any other details contribute to that intangible asset is the brand image. Then this can be strengthened through internet websites, social networks and applications simply by staying true to the style of the company.

2.- You must understand the purpose of social media

Social networking is a meeting place for people with similar interests and close ties to interact. But for some time, teem not only individuals in these parts, legal persons have also found their niche here.

A) Yes They have proliferated company profiles, foundations and disparate organizations of the most varied. What initially resembled a hall intended encounters between people, now it looks more like a street full of pedestrians and storefronts, with the peculiarity that individuals and establishments that are on that street are all to our liking, because we have chosen that are there.

For restaurants it is crucial to give a reason for users of social networks accepted view contents (follow the profile or subscribe to the channel). And when the hearing is set, the focus goes on to show in this virtual showcase things that are of interest to potential consumers.

To address these two points is necessary publish regularly and that the content is meaningful for those who see. Instagram, Facebook Y Youtube are the best platforms for restaurants to strengthen their digital presence on social media. And these efforts to make themselves known and to strengthen the brand image can always be supplemented by an advertising campaign online; social networks have integrated tools to make the life of the professional restaurant easier.

3.- Not be afraid of new technologies

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the emergence of new technologies in the virtual world. Whether new social rede, as tiktok, tools of software or transgressors methods to perform some of the operations that the restaurant should perform online, The possible initial fears that the employer may have paled in comparison to the benefits that early adoption reports.

It has already been seen with the arrival of confinements and quarantines that the restaurants that did not lower the bars were those that were able to value the technological ecosystem currently available to catering professionals. Knowing and mastering the main software and automation tools is critical.

In actuality there are some emerging technologies with which the hotelier should be familiar Y, It should be possible, implement local. We talk about the internet of things, the chatbots Conversational Voice managed or virtual assistants, facial recognition and biometrics, artificial intelligence and many other similar innovations.

These tools can help you make better decisions on what our efforts marketing digital it means, either better segmenting our customers or providing information layers underlying the bulk of commercial transactions carried out in the restaurant, to name a few examples.

Remember at all times that technology is our ally.

4.- Know the true potential of Google

Google is not just a search engine terms, is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Besides you manage advertising campaigns online through Google Ads, we can also visualize our business in Google My Business (one of the leading aggregators reviews for restaurants, next to Yelp Y TripAdvisor), enhance the SEO of our website, locate our establishment in the world with Google Maps or promote local via videos on the platform number one viewing, YouTube.

As indicated in the previous section, developments in the digital world happen, and in the case of Google is no different. Recently it has been put into operation service Reserve with Google for improve the conversion rate of sales searches, Google Maps and receives constant updates that provide great value for professionals in restaurants, While the app continues on its way to becoming a app holistic SuperApp.

5.- Get the most out of the scarcity principle

Although scarcity is a term that can have negative connotations, in marketing it is a highly pursued strategy. The scarcity principle refers to those offers that are only active to a limited extent, either by number of stocks, total number of people eligible for the opportunity or availability time.

It is a tool with enormous potential that has been used by many big names in organized catering.. Some examples include:

Whether with iconic products that are offered in a single occasion to disappear for an eternity, with seasonal products that are only available for a short period of the year, or even with daily special dishes that are not repeated for a while, offers based on the scarcity principle work very well both in large chain restaurants and in small independent stores.

6.- Interact with your audience

One of the strengths of advertising online is that the relationship between the consumer and the company is bidirectional, as long as this is encouraged.

Unlike traditional media in which the viewer, reader or listener is a mere receiver of information, on social media and on the internet, the audience has the opportunity to communicate with the company.

This kind of one-to-one conversation should be spurred on as it positions the company as a close entity, committed to the user and in tune with this. For this, it is necessary to open opportunities for this communication to exist, and not fail to respond to the expectations and messages of those who invest their time in addressing the brand.

This methodology can be used to win the loyalty of consumers and set recurring business with ease. It is also a perfect setting to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business., as well as to obtain constructive criticism that is edifying for the future of the company.

By last, networks are not only used to approach the ultimate consumer, your needs and concerns, as well, through active listening, is an excellent way to observe what our competitors are doing, what works for them and what decisions have hurt them. In this way you can copy what generates results optimally, improve what has potential but is not being used to the maximum of its possibilities, and avoid or discard what works wrong.

With these six essential tips, Any restaurant professional who wants to improve their visibility on the internet can do it. Is not easy, but definitely not impossible. The continuity of many businesses in the sector is at stake while the uncertainty of the coronavirus is present, having a robust digital strategy offers certain security to the hotelier.

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