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6 reasons why your restaurant needs technological innovations


Innovation has become a must for companies that want to be competitive and maximize their potential. With technology advancing steadily, the catering industry has been irretrievably bound to implement various innovations to continue to grow and evolve in an environment increasingly complex.

In a recent article published in We Reston, the founder and CEO of TouchBistro, Alex Barrotti, He commented: “Restaurant owners are discovering that it is less expensive, more flexible and easier to implement mobile and wireless technologies to manage their businesses so more efficient and profitable”.

And not only that, if we want to reach about hyper customers, increasingly they spend more time on social networks and are used to seeing technological innovations almost every day, we must join this digital revolution we are currently living.

For that reason, we will share with you some of the main reasons why un restaurante debe innovar para afrontar el futuro de su negocio con garantías y diferenciarse de aquellos que no lo hacen.

Why your restaurant needs to innovate?

1.- Differentiate and…compártelo

The hotel is one of the sectors with more competition, And because of that, must know how restaurants highlight each competitive advantage that distinguishes them from the rest.

A good example of this, and which has also become viral in recent weeks, It is the case of the Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, quien ha alcanzado fama internacional en Internet gracias a su stylish form of salary meat, which earned him the nickname “Salt Bae”.

Whether the chef, your dishes, ecological garden of leaving your food or a new system that allows mobile payment, the aim will always be share in digital environments aquello por lo que tu restaurante es especial o different.

2.- Súmate a la democratización tecnológica

Today there are countless restaurants specializing in each field: burgers, Indian food, Asian, tex-mex, etc. In the midst of this great network of gastronomic offers, marcarán la diferencia aquellos propietarios que apuesten por la innovación and above all, conozcan bien su negocio y a sus clientes.

Democratization has brought the industry the use of social media tools makes us see as competition in the industry no longer focuses solely on big chains, or restaurants with history, size and prestige. Now, any business no matter how small has the ability to find success through the implementation of new technologies. They help restaurants improve operations and increase profit without involving a large investment.

3.- Ofrece la mejor experiencia a los nuevos clientes

A study conducted by Harris Group, reveló cómo he 72% Millennials value more comfort and experience los detalles materiales, u expensive showy. This may be explained by another study of BAV Consulting, showed that as the 66% of all consumers aspired to “a lifestyle easier and with less material possessions”. This percentage, he 80% eran millennials. También explicaría los constant failures harvesting restaurant President of the United States, Donald Trump, recientemente documentados en este periódico.

4.- Gestiona la marca digital de tu restaurante

Downloading applications, Internet browsing and communication via Smartphones already part of the daily routine of modern society. We review the news, We buy what we need or do orders by mobile, Likewise we can book in a restaurant, consult your menu or make a critical. Razones más que suficientes para darnos cuenta de la enorme importancia de trabajar el perfil digital de nuestro restaurante, and manage your Online Reputation.

5.- Innova in the relationship with your customers

Tal es la importancia que tienen los sistemas de pedidos a domicilio y el crecimiento que experimentan año tras año que any innovation to be implemented In this sense we will help establish a competitive difference in the market.

Nevertheless, There are also many diners who like to go eat at the restaurant. To these we can surprise them with gadgets to order the food, to communicate with the waiter or to pay. Todas estas innovaciones conseguirán mejorar sus experiencias gastronómicas.

6.- Conecta tu restaurante con el mundo a través de las redes sociales

Las redes sociales se han convertido en un pilar fundamental para encontrar a comfort zone in which users interact with the restaurant in comfort and naturalness. Es necesario que managers and owners of restaurants asignen tiempo y recursos a escuchar a estos usuarios.

your restaurant, your chef or your signature dish can go around the world al igual que le sucedió a Salt Bae, that from diners began to upload videos to Internet, and that he himself published some in their social profiles, It became viral, getting 2,8 million followers on Instagram and one of his videos called "the Ottoman steak" achieved 9 million visits and 44 thousand comments in just one month.

These figures epitomize how the media can play a key role the success or failure of communicating your restaurant.

Innovating with knowledge

It is important that owners know aquellas innovaciones que se adaptan a su negocio, improving and differentiating the customer experience in the restaurant. At the end, useless a great online job if you are not endorsed with an excellent start in the real world scene.

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6 reasons why your restaurant needs technological innovations
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