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7 app's staff to control water consumption


How many times have you wondered if you've drunk enough water that your body needs? Now, thanks to smartphones, we must not lead us Account, as there are applications that allow us to have precise control of what we drink.

We will help you keep a healthy and varied diet complementing the appropriate water consumption with a balanced diet. Do not let them recur do not hydrate enough, these app's we review and we can not escape nor is centilitro:


WaterminderFun Media

WaterMinder-for iOs and Android- It provides us various methods of controlling the total water consumption that took over a day of physical activity, work or simply the consumer may be needed while resting at home. Has a notification system that alerts us to the time that has passed since the last time we ingest water and an elaborate system of statistics to monitor if we are neglecting our hydration.

It is at our fingertips, more specifically our wrist, because it has an implementation for the iWatch. Here we can see a small demonstration gif what this app can do so do not waste drop:



2.- Plant Nanny

plant_nannyPlay Google

This game combines playfulness with instructive. Learn to control water levels necessary for your body with the help of a small plants, the style plant vs zombie. Cambiando the defense component of your garden by "drinking with the help of young people of your land”. You can not neglect or those plants or your hydration because of your care will also depend on his.

The more water you drink healthier plant will grow this friendly. Named one of the best app's for 2013 in the AppStore, You can see your companions sprout in its pot on Android also.



3.- Waterlogged The Fashion Spot

If you're sick of your head reminds you: "You have not drunk enough water", You can choose to notes or reminders using audio recordings so you internalize the importance of hydrate.

Waterlogged is available for iPhone and GUI has a bottle that changes depending on whether your intake is adequate. In addition notifies you if you have to work harder to keep your body hydrated and avoid "snacking" between meals with water supliéndolo.



4.- Carbodroid

CarbodroidOtl Media

The sympathetic droid Google popularized by the advent of smartphones, in addition to being maestro, executive, dj O skater, now too performs the task of monitoring daily water consumption in different amounts and bottles. It ensures that we do not forget how important this liquid Our organism.

It does not indicate the necessary milliliters for every situation of everyday life. The wizard will help you know calories you should lose or when drinking water is more appropriate to take a few starters. further recommends certain sports that may be more suited to your lifestyle so that compagines with those liters needed in your day to day.



5.- OasisPlaces

Oasis_PlacesMethod Engine

OasisPlaces shows you, to indicate your location, the sources, springs or water spaces available in your environment and also the freshness level, flavor, cleanliness and purity of water depending on the feedback from users who have drunk at those locations.

You can add these locations to your favorites and share your location using social networks to help others in finding the perfect source to turn to in the midst of a visit to a city, town or rural area.



6.- Hydro Coach

hydroCoachInfo Reg

In true style comes this personal trainer app that will delight those who claim that remind them how important it is to bring a healthy and balanced diet.

Our coach is neither more nor less than a drop that changes your mood depending on our daily consumption. We complete the necessary portions of a circular diagram it makes your drop trainer display depressed, doubtful of your hydration status or literally "party".

It has one of the most intuitive interfaces, that let you use the system you prefer to measure how much you have drunk. The graphics are dynamic and show you instantly if you're not performing or the necessary process to stay healthy.



7.- Aqualert

AqualertAndro Tips

Aqualert is one of the winners Google Fit Developer Challenge, annual challenge for developers who want to develop applications that have to do with personal care, health and sport.

Aqualert helps us according to our sex, weight and daily activity level to find the perfect plan for water consumption required by the body. It has a night mode to not bother hours of rest and not receiving notifications. It has a collaborative function among the whole family to measure and compare the water of all . Now it's more fun than ever drinking water.



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