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7 Keys to the digital transformation of a restaurant


In today's world, in which every day increase application offerings and innovations in business is essential to be updated in technology to provide customers an experience according to what they want from our service.

We are in a time when companies need to be more efficient, It is and embark on methodologies that allow them optimize management and differentiate themselves from their competition through more efficient processes and orderly. The digital transformation must adhere to the DNA of the company and become part of its essence, in order to innovate and discover new business opportunities.

The restaurants, not to be lagging behind its competition must improve their own production routines and thereby preserve their reputation with a increasingly demanding users and hyperlinked. Definitely, the goal is to innovate and be disruptive.

Fredy Martinez, Commercial Manager SATpcs, specializing in the technological transformation of small and medium business company clearly explains: “no longer enough to have the best chef, it is necessary to innovate and leverage technology within our reach. Any improvements that can be included will increase brand awareness and therefore, customer traffic”.

Technology in restaurants to offer a fascinating experience

Since some years, Technological innovations have been finding their place in most businesses, and remarkably relevant way in restaurants. further, They open every day new modern and digitized establishments causing competition in the sector is growing.

In this context, it is essential that businesses offer services and products that pose an incredible human experience, unforgettable, that entices new customers and to allow a certain brand differentiation with respect to its competence. Currently the options is extensive, so all extra service that can be implemented, It will be a plus to position itself as number one in the consumer's mind.

And in this context, SATpcs offers a list of 7 keys that a restaurant must meet to achieve this sublime experience.

7 keys to improving your restaurant experience offered

1.- Create an application for the restaurant

This allows users / customers access operations much smoother and easier. We have seen examples of this in Restaurants by your app allow you to order your food in advance so that then they have not wait, or they can book and pay online. This is a benefit for the restaurant, which can get profiles, intolerances and / or user preferences to offer in the future a better and more personalized experience.

2.- Digitizes collections by online payments

You will save time and eliminate friction elements with clients can invest in providing more attention to other aspects that enable us to better take our business as "losses" cash or theft.

3.- It offers free WIFI

This has become an indispensable service a way of attracting customers which deserves close attention. further, Today no one takes a coffee without sharing in social networks, because, a restaurant with WIFI enjoy a more recognized brand image and.

4.- Invest in POS for taking food orders

The main investment restaurants in recent years has been linked to software. While it was allowing systems and POS terminals improved work so far inside the restaurant, investments in the coming years appear to be aimed at improve the customer experience, improve mobility, and encourage new forms of communication with users in the digital world. there have also been numerous systems for servers or clients call when your attention is required.

5.- Invest in specialized software

You need to control information and an organization more accurate business such as inventory management inputs, management reports, Addressing printing kitchens, among others.

6.- He makes the leap to digital Kiosks

Provide detailed information on pricing, availability, and a comparison of products and services timesaving customers. Even considering that digital signage is a 400% more effective than static signage for attention by projecting personalized messages and relevant.

7.- Obsesiónate to improve customer your service

Today we have more resources for greater consumer awareness that allows us to customize our products and services. lure, This same again according to the degree of satisfaction experienced in the establishment.

In conclusion, again we quote a phrase from own Fredy Martinez, Commercial Manager of SATpcs and who considers urgent the need for restaurants, address digital transformation thereof:

Investing in technology is critical, not only to grow our business, but also to contribute to economic development and social progress. Entities are already aware of the change, It is a must evolve and provide better customer service”.

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. Good post! I own a hotel and what has helped me most has been to establish a cash register smart. No money is lost in exchange for cash and then not to do cash box. A marvel.

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