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7 key to motivate staff your restaurant


The owners of the restaurants are sure that it is almost impossible to avoid a constant turnover Y, Nevertheless, This is really scary. In big cities, up to two thirds of the restaurant staff may change in the course of a year. But, why?

First, indicates a lack of employee motivation what, instead of working for a team and generate income for themselves and for business, They are forced to find new jobs due to poor working conditions.

"Coming together is the beginning; Keeping together is progress; working together is success”. -Henry Ford

Such sanctions policy and tasks under pressure for many employees become active in forced labor and, in consecuense, the friendly service and good customer will no longer be an issue.

People want to quickly finish their shift and go home and They are not interested in business success. The result is that this situation affects business reputation, visitors output and profits decline.

Many restaurateurs wonder: “How and what can motivate staff?”. If the waiters are considered part of the team, They will be motivated to serve customers well and ensure their return to the local.

In this article, will tell the types of motivation waths up, how to promote teamwork and methods to increase efficiency staff.

1. tangible motivation

Business success is a combination of enthusiasm, motivation and encouragement among employees of the place. When employees are motivated to work together, they feel independent and become more productive.

The profit sharing It is the first tool to use. It is a highly effective motivator that allows staff consciously engage in business.

Each employee understands that the more business wins, the higher your salary at the end of the month / year. By encouraging the team's success this way, motivates each of its members and adds a sense of responsibility for achieving common goals.

Create reward system. It could be a bonus for the fastest bartender of the month, or it could be a reward for the chef to present a new dish that fits the general concept of location or reduce existing costs.

To measure the work done by waiters is essential to have implemented a good hotel management software which reconciles with TPV

2. Create good working conditions

Along with the promotion and reward, an important factor of motivation are the meals for staff at the expense of business.

Any experienced restaurateur knows that a good bartender is a satisfied waiter. You can use dishes from the restaurant menu or design a separate menu with quick cooking and simplified service to meet employees. This will allow fewer delays, particularly in the kitchen.

Create a comfortable environment for staff by providing a separate room for relaxation, a separate dressing room and a bathroom with shower.

3. Train your staff

Be sure to ask your employees what they lack knowledge and if they would like to expand their profiles. To do this, You can enter a mentoring system or attract specialists known companies.

You can also send employees to conferences and seminars, but do not forget that it is in courses for cooks, Waiters, managers and waiters, where they can gain new knowledge and learn from renowned experts. Always good to have handy guides like The 101 commandments of a good waiter and hand out to new employees.

4. Create a system of bonuses and penalties

Offer your employees sense of security against unfair decisions. If your waiters think only of how not reprimanded or fined, then can not generate profits on location.

Differentiate the evaluation criteria and rules of staff. Employees should know exactly what actions are punishable and what types of actions are promoted. They should learn about this not from other more experienced employees, but in a manner accessible and understandable.

This should be in the form of a transparent bonus system and rules clearly established fines for poorly executed work, including liability for damage to the vessels, uniforms, and other workplace.

5. intangible motivation

Try to not reduce all money bonuses. On the contrary, will have some employees who, Without this incentive, not want to even clean the dirty dishes because you do not pay them for that task.

If you want to strengthen team relationships without bonuses and financial rewards, Start with the simple respect for all employees. Start by treating the person who washes the dishes and the head waiter with the same respect.

If this is accompanied by comfortable working conditions, a flextime, feeding and resting, as mentioned earlier, improve the motivating effect.

Organizes parties for employees, as birthdays. This will help develop team spirit outside the work environment.

Of course, It will be very difficult to get the whole team, as this can paralyze the work. Thus, as an option, You can divide the activities into several stages that various employees are invited, and change them vacation rentals so that everyone can speak and meet in a non-work environment and know each other better. You can organize sports events, barbecues or excursions.

6. Encourages the independence of each employee and be lenient

This will allow your staff to give or do something new without fear of failure. This is particularly important for the team in the kitchen.

Give them the opportunity to change some dishes or offer new. It allows you to help create a new menu.

responds reasonably, but do not let your emotions take over. An experienced leader must morally support their subordinates. Nevertheless, as manager, You must not let staff walk over you.

Locals top 10 Tripadvisor, for example, They are a good mirror to look at how well the service is.

7. The key is the team spirit

The efficiency and profitability rise when the team spirit is encouraged.

Sometimes it is very difficult to do because any employee wants to show the owner that he / she works well and makes it better than others. Even if you have a very good employee with an excellent reputation and track record, all your skills will be meaningless if he / she can not function as part of the team.

If you follow these 7 You get advice and motivate your staff, both they and you as the customer estaréis much happier and more productive work will.

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