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7 keys to be competitive in a restaurant 2017


I have very clear that two maxims of life applicable to our industry could be: time flies” y “renewed or die”. And that's, everything that happens in our day to day, whether they influence the personal level or professional, hace que vivamos con esa profunda sensación de movimiento, exchange, what exige que nos adaptemos más tarde o más temprano a todas estas tendencias globales.

Definitely, these trends guide us and help us position ourselves closer to our customer preferences, obteniendo mejores resultados y logrando ser los elegidos entre todas las demás alternativas posibles, that is to say, our competition. Something that is not easy, It requires effort, knowledge and strategy, pero lo cierto es que si al final eres el elegido y consigues su fidelización, It is the biggest success we can have.

What the client is looking today at a restaurant

Therefore it is good remember the most interesting trends, in my own judgement, we have accompanied and influenced in the last times.

  1. El perfil del consumer potential leads to Adults of over 35 years.
  2. They are being made more outlets family. He turns to go to restaurants in order to enjoy family.
  3. The client seeks ambient. Empieza a ser la razón de su elección por delante del producto.
  4. The client not looking promotions or coupons. The crisis closed the passage of these sales techniques, It is time services and experiences.
  5. Se ha producido un aumento exponencial del home delivery. Growing above four digits and very focused on mobile devices
  6. He mobile se ha convertido en una forma de vida, increasing each year the percentage of Internet users who surf only with this device.
  7. The boom healthy products, los Km 0, vegan restaurants, etc.

We are talking about trends that have clearly come to stay and endure.

Una vez que ha concluido el año, hemos tenido tiempo suficiente de analizar detenidamente todo 2016. Now, and elapsed since the first two months of this new year, it's time to think through what looks, wait, needs to and of course What are the main priorities Customers who go to restaurants.

For it, one of our priorities, will work el posicionamiento de nuestro restaurante en Internet with respect to our competition, and have a strategy that allows us offer more global and comprehensive experiences, both the restaurant itself, as before and after your visit.

En los últimos eventos que he estado, sometimes as a speaker and as a listener other, As the Restaurant Trends, Hospitality Innovation Planet, Ideas or bar AECOC among other, even in studies like NPD Group, They have been reflected and have shown some of these trends we are trying, But in my opinion, These would be the 7 key the customer will prioritize this year and we should bear in mind that our restaurant becomes more competitive.

  1. Debemos ofrecer una value proposal and has authenticity concept.
  2. Customers are looking for experiences, and we must offer them think through 5 senses.
  3. We look for the highest quality product, with smaller letters.
  4. Have clear two concepts: transparency and traceability.
  5. Explosión de aromas y texturas, con especial relevancia de los ethnic flavors.
  6. We take advantage of the new opportunities offered in digital processing sector, what is known as “digital transformation 4.0” especially through 4 fronts:
    • Payment Methods
    • Big Data
    • Gestion of reservs
    • Social networks
  7. Consolidation millenials como grupo de consumidores and potential growth mature.

The need to go one step ahead

In Our company we can be proud of internal work developed to often anticipate these trends, earrings always adapt to the needs of our client, surprise and renew, getting to reach a wider audience and covering in most cases the expectations.

As I said at the beginning: renewed or die”, We can not continue year after year with the same decoration, the same letter, the same repetitive feel for the customer, it will lead us to failure or just sustainability of our business.

We need to renew, we have to surprise the customer, we have to adapt to new trends, the creation of new environments, we have to surprise with new culinary offerings without forgetting to perform training tanto nosotros como nuestro equipo y además debemos hacerlo rápido, why time flies.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

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