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7 concepts “Casual Restaurant” I visited on my last trip to London


London is the most visited international city in Europe and it has a population of about 9 millions of inhabitants. A global and multiracial city where lives of many people from different cultures who speak more than three hundred languages.

Like all years AECOC, the largest association of manufacturers and distributors of Spain, He has organized within its program Internacional Training, a trip to capture trends and meet other markets within the sector Horeca.

This time we have visited the city on the banks of the River Thames, London, and the theme of the program was “Casual Restaurant”, how to design concepts most profitable success.

Hotels are usually quite expensive for what actually offer in big cities, but this where we stayed, close to Soho, “Radisson Blu”, It is highly recommended.

Before we launch to kick the streets always crowded, EATABLE, Spanish consultant group companies on the market, We made an introduction of the catering sector and its market vision, in addition to present the concepts we were going to visit during the day.

Before going on to describe each visit, I want to discuss some aspects of this complex market for Spanish chains, where the failure rate is very high, because today hardly have been implemented in the City none of them.

The first and most remarkable is that I want to demystify the saying "in London eaten fatal and expensive", Fortunately, It is no longer true. In recent years London has had a total transformation in this regard. Surely the current situation and the crisis helped it and sand imposes quick and very appetizing food under the slogan “FAST & DELICIUS HEALTHY FOOD”.

The concept is fashionable Casual, flexible and modifiable models at any time of day, with high turnover, rather fast service, with average high quality and at affordable prices. Of course this concept to accompany him, restaurants of a higher level of quality and price, Fast concepts (almost always organized restoration), and the large number of cafes and Pubs Londoners where you can enjoy a variety of beers. In my next post I will explain the four models Fast concept that coexist in this market and their internal differences in the processes.

On the other hand, the market is suffering from inflation with a tremendous price increase rent that is causing the best streets and areas of the city are taken over by the macro chains and franchise operators stable. Both are doing with all relevant local, because individually it is impossible to compete and make a business profitable under those costs. The rental market is very different from Spain.

Although you sign contracts 30 years, to the 5 the rent is renewed according to the market price and the area where is located the local, can increase a local one 20%, and, for example, just months before the renovation someone has gone mad and has paid a nearby local an exorbitant price. The price they mark the tenants themselves and own “Fight” internal to seize the best location. On the subject of local two aspects I would like to review more.

First, "Eye with IBI", There are local to the area of ​​Soho paying £ 300,000 per year IBI. AND, AND, 300.000£ and separate garbage, commercial law and the residents. On the other hand it is interesting to know that many areas or blocks belong to the same owners, for example, Royal Crown handles most of the market Picadilly Circus.

It seems clear that London is a tremendously competitive market, but it is also true that Restoration consumption is soaring thanks to tourism and the residents themselves living in the capital and they are accustomed, besides eating out of obligation, Thursdays out for a few beers after work, Fridays with friends, Saturday the woman or couple, and Sunday lunch with family, part of your routine leisure.

Now step to share some of the most significant details of the concepts we visited:


After 30 years since its first establishment is a benchmark in the UK with about 200 local open. It has now become the fetish brand for many Vegans creating Price-Veggil. It is the ideal model operationally and worth examining in detail and see how it operates in all units with a well trained staff and having all the daily work routine motorized.

2.- LEON

Chain pioneer fast natural food. well located and affordable local prices, with a meal deal, yes, somewhat limited.


Founded nearly ago 30 years, He has evolved into a business that serves Very tasty international vegetarian food. currently they have 4 local cuisine in London with Non Stop from noon, offering informal service and fast enough and agile.

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We had an amazing day at @tasteoflondon thank you to @belazu_co for having us! It was great fun to demo some of our recipes live #mildreds

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Casual concept aimed at Millennials. In 2017 He received one of the most prestigious awards, the best decoration. dishes very, I recommend trying very tasty, especially his signature dish "sweet potato burger".


360 people work in their 5 Local whose spaces are open all day, with different letters that aim to provide the best customer experience at all times of the day with an open and friendly style. Clientele very well acclimated led by local women and.


Local that just opened Spanish chef Quique Dacosta. In Soho, near 1,000m2 and an investment of 3 K support the opening of this "localazo" where they work a 80 people. Decorated by the prestigious Lazaro Violán, spectacular implementation, atmosphere and image. Kitchen surprised view, with impeccable extraction because it does not smell anything to be as accessible kitchen, and it is observed flame cooking paellas of all kinds "insurmountable". Local you can not miss led by Quique and his partner Nacho, both Spanish.


Concept Fast Casual Dining fundado en 2007 that is succeeding and which provide an authentic Spanish experience in London. good ham, croquettes, Octopus ... in their 8 UK restaurants guarantee you with its atmosphere and good service, a good dining experience in the City.

This was the summary of my organized trip AECOC to London, We read in the next destination.

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