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7 Examples of how robots for restaurants begin to sink in EE. THE.


EE. THE. the robotics It is a strategic technology sector. Currently they are developed in the American country models for all types of application.

The world of restoration can be greatly benefited from the extensive use of such machines. In fact, Some coins robotics restoration as one of the most disruptive technology trends for the sector over the next decade.

Y EE. THE. It is trying to lead the business competition, Although the social peculiarities suggest that Asian countries like Japan or China might be more likely to enjoy rapid adoption of technology.

A) Yes, Most robots currently in use sharing have been developed in the United States. Starship, Kiwi, Snackbot... These are just three of the many models that have come from technology companies based in the nation.

in counterpart, Robotics camaraderie has had more traction in Asia, where we have seen applications in use in Japan, Thailand and China, especially.

But it is in the area of ​​food mixers where EE. THE. really shines. This is abundantly clear to the considered lot of restaurants in operation already have some automaton for work partially or totally. The following list illustrates the American reality, unintentionally serve as a comprehensive guide to the very many places where robotics restoration is an element of the restaurant.

1.- Spyce. This is a restaurant located in Boston (Massachusetts). Customers ask autopedido through kiosks and food orders translate into orders for robots dispensers in charge of mixing the ingredients. The dishes are the work of the chef Daniel Boulud and the staff is responsible for facilitating the work of kitchen robots.

2.- Creator. We talk about a burger in San Francisco (California). The kitchen robot in charge of these stoves is a complex network of specialized machines working on comandita. It is able to cook a hamburger without human intervention.

3.- Bionic Bar. One of the shows on board Royal Caribbean cruise is your bar with articulated arms. These are responsible for preparing and serving delicious cocktails travelers.

4.- Costco. Chain food stores intrudes in the field of restoration using food processors. These are responsible for preparing the pizzas that sell at bargain prices with unusual success.

5.- Yume Ga Arukara. En is local Cambridge (Massachusetts) prepare bread dough or batter by cobots. Only kitchen staff performs complex tasks.

6.- CafeX. Back in San Francisco, This place has an articulated arm that serves coffee and pastries prepared. Memorizes orders from numerous clients and ships in order.

7.- tea. Functions as a tea vending machine at the Westfield Mall San Francisco. It has a high capacity for customization to rock-bottom prices.

The possibilities are almost endless, and proof of this is the existence of multiple brands that have not been accommodated in this article: Blendid, Amazon Go, Bread Bot, Le Bread Xpress and a long etc..

In the case of Spain, we can not stop talking MACCO Robotics, one FoodTech firm focused on the design, developing, manufacturing and consulting robotic solutions for industry “Food and Beverage”. his robots, To who, Beer Cart, Dark Kitchen Y D.Bot, They are designed to increase productivity and give a sophisticated service.

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