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7 Key elements that customers of a restaurant set


The arrival of new technologies and the restoration RRSS, It has led to a much more demanding present time for restaurants. At the same time, It is It is an exciting time to maximize opportunities to get more customers, or improve our relationship with those we already have a good strategy because online.

Do you want to know what customers look for your restaurant? Nowadays new technologies put the consumer opinion to all. As a restaurant owner, If you seize the opportunity and you move through RRSS and opinion portals online, where users are freely expressed and value services received, You not have to improvise so much and all your efforts to move forward with your business will have a much better chance of success.

It is the example of an active restaurant in social networks and maintains a relationship with its customers and other users beyond the stage of dining experience, which it is given in the restaurant itself. And through entering talks, to post, reply to comments, and heeding the opinions shared by your customers and other users about the restaurant are able to hit with the likes of these, things they do not like and other details such as birthdays, anniversaries, and more specific aspects, You can surprise your customers with a much more personalized service.

Now you can know the opinion of your restaurant customers

In fact 2015, a Swedish multinational company called SCA which is dedicated to market hygiene products and personal care products in more than 80 countries, with such brands as Tena, Tork or Colhogar did a study about. More than 3.000 people from 6 European countries like Germany, U.K. Holland, France, Russia and Finland to those asked which it is what most are fixed when they go to a restaurant.

This study helps us to draw conclusions about the most important aspects that should affect owners and restaurant workers. Every customer wants to enjoy a pleasant experience and if you want to know how to get it, attentive to the 7 main issues that customers take into account restaurants:

  1. Level of food.

It is true that when we go to a restaurant, We look for more than just eating. But the food is good and well cooked is the fundamental basis on which to start doing everything else.

  1. Cleaning of the premises.

If we want to offer a seamless experience, We can not let a bad impression about hygiene in toilets, kitchen, furniture or take it covered all the ground.

  1. Customer Support.

It is essential if we are loyal to our customers and get new ones thanks to the recommendations of the first. professionalism necessary, good deal, attention and know how to respect the decision times and eat.

  1. Training and good education service.

This will allow you to accomplish all of the above point as beyond good deal, customers expect from your workers advice on wine or recommendations of the specialties of the house. To sell and convince you need a prepared template and who knows in detail all possible aspects of the business.

  1. Ambient.

Design, style and decor of the restaurant and lto music and odors are also very important for customers when making an assessment of a restaurant.

  1. value / price.

This is a very important aspect that we must take care because it can ruin the opinion that a customer is our restaurant in a second, but everything else is to your liking. If the price does not seem right, will not return to your restaurant.

  1. Level of nutrition and health impact of foods that make up the letter.

As already he pointed himself Diego Coquillat in your video from New York, the struggle for health food is no longer a trend, He is currently an obsession, not only in the US, but also global level. the fact is much appreciated provide information on the composition of the dishes and ingredients that make up the letter.

We are detected what aspects of our restaurant have more in mind our customers

We must be aware of publications, what is shared and discussions arose about our restaurant, the competition, or one that is on the other side of the world. New technologies give us the opportunity to know better than ever what our customers think, even before they decide to come to our restaurant.

In any case, the debate is open. If customers today have many more ways than ever to review your restaurant, This also gives you many more opportunities to meet their tastes and preferences to surprise and leave satisfied when visiting your business.

For our part, we would like to know your opinion. Perhaps what matters most to you like the restaurants has happened to us, or the Swedish study. We also want to know if you think positive this new relationship between customers and restaurants new technologies and have made it possible RRSS. Do you use online review on the restaurants that surprise you for better or worse? How about being spied upon by the restaurant where you've made reservations tonight to know what you like and what not? 'The debate is served!!

About the Author

Degree in journalism and editor. I am writing from before the age of reason. I love to research about food, restaurants and new technologies. I forget to put down your feet and I feel better watching a movie or reading a book. I also like to talk about movies.



  1. Nutritional issue remains important even in our country is secondary, I do not see people claiming calories per dish in a letter.

    Said that the other points if I consider them very important, but in my opinion I think it is difficult to handle as many variables is emerging a new one that is an amalgam of other (except the price) and is the “satisfaction” where it enters the above and more: serving size, care service, noise, cold heat, light, comfort seats … and what may be a host of personal and subjective parameters

    And as derived from this PSBs, ie price satisfaction you will make if it's a place you would recommend to a friend or to return in the coming weeks.

    It is my vision, but I'm not professional, I'm just an amateur to eat the best I can with almost 54 years of experience 🙂

    • Fernando thank you very much for your comment, I share with you the nutritional issue is not relevant even in Spain, but the international trend is so strong that no doubt that sooner rather than later we will see what nutritional components on restaurant menus as normal. In USA already spends more in restaurants than in supermarkets, This makes the consumer want information about what you eat, Restaurants are part of the food pyramid. By the way, to have 54 year dining experience does not make you a professional, is much more, You are a teacher. Thanks and see you around here.

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