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7 ways to wait in a restaurant without looking at the phone


La dependencia que hoy en día tenemos de smartphones or smartphones it is a fact; we feel uncomfortable, nerviosos e inseguros si salimos de casa sin nuestro teléfono móvil, the key that keeps us connected to the world.

Los restaurantes son uno de los lugares donde la dependencia de los smartphones mejor se puede comprobar. Before there were a number of typical practices for waiting times O "Downtime" in restaurants, today these are cornered in their entirety by mobile. Some game, a review of social networks, send a whatsapp, an update, etc.

As everything in life, This has brought good things and others that are not so. In the section on business, los restaurantes han visto en los dispositivos inteligentes una increíble puerta abierta a muchas opciones para implementar estrategias de marketing online, publicitar sus productos y captar nuevos clientes.

Nevertheless, This question is not now occupied me. Today I want to talk about changing social habits that have occurred in people, the fact of living currently attached to a mobile phone, however intelligent this is.

Parece claro que antes, when we had these wonderful gadgets in your pocket, They cultivated much more other human qualities that are increasingly obsolete today, principalmente la conversación.

We need to find ways to avoid getting lost in our Smartphone

If you got to the restaurant early, or your partner is delayed, If you have to wait in the hall until you get your turn, no seas idiot, there are many other things you can do instead of looking at your mobile phone. Do not become a zombie head inside the screen, Look around and enjoy the world around you, which continues to rotate and has many interesting things.

You even find practices that help you improve your health if you learn to go mobile in these dead times. remember socialize, observe and think calmly ... and in less than what you think, before you have dinner. (Then if you'll let take a picture to upload to Instagram, we know you're quite a Foodie and you do not want to let your followers without knowing what was your ultimate dining experience.)

Options to spend time in a restaurant without looking at your phone

1.- Puedes dar un paseo cerca del restaurante

If you come early to the restaurant, avoids the feeling of sitting in a chair and get lost among the bits of information that you can provide your mobile phone. Get outside and take a little walk, visit some windows. Walking helps us improve our health and improve mood. more than enough reasons to make time go this way.

2.- Take this time to reflect, even meditate

Meditates in front of a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or sitting on a bar counter. Scan the horizon and become aware of the scene in front of you, be swayed by sounds or conversations around you and pay attention to the gentle sway of our breathing are Very relaxing activities and will no longer spend time until you reach your partner for lunch or dinner without us practically account.

3.- Revisa detenidamente la carta o los menús

Even if you go to lunch menu, or try dishes that you do not plan to ask this time, usually pretty entertaining to look at the rest of menu items. This will not only be learning new recipes, but you can learn more about the restaurant in which you find yourself.

further, es una forma de reflexionar tranquilamente en lo que vas a comer y tu dieta, you may end up asking for a healthier meal that you wore thought.

4.- Conversa con el camarero o el personal del restaurante

In a situation waiting, a good waiter will notice and will offer information about drinking or any of the dishes. This is always a good way to welcome you to a restaurant and if you can also have a chat, sure that you spend enough fastest time out.

5.- Organize your wallet or purse…Already touches!

If you're waiting in a restaurant and do not want to look at your Smartphone, a good choice, is tidying up your wallet or purse. Pull the old tickets, those business cards that never will visit, scattered sheets, papers crumpled, etc

These small "achievements of order" tienden a “dar al cerebro una dosis extra de dopamina que nos otorga una placentera sensación de bienestar y que contribuye a nuestra felicidad” según un estudio de Harvard Business Review on Ideas and Tips for Leaders.

6.- Make a list of pending tasks

Everyday brings to mind a lot of scattered thoughts or ideas that often end up forming a large List of things to do" usually be dispersed, or in some sort of limbo from which they never come down.

So that, el momento de espera que pasas en un restaurante es ideal para ordenar esas tareas o ideas por hacer y apuntarlas en un papel para ir completándolas.

7.- Make friends…¿real?

in some “millennials environments” or digital may seem a little odd surprise someone with a "I like your dress" or "your hairstyle", but do not forget these antiquated phrases have been precursor for many years of new relationships or friendships, that may arise at any time and place in real life. Because if something we are clear, is that waiting in a restaurant, It is better if done together.

Now you can expect in a restaurant without being aware of your Smartphone

He compartido contigo algunas técnicas para que puedas expandir tu universo un poco más allá de la vida digital que todos nos hemos creado en base a las redes sociales y los dispositivos que nos acompañan.

In real life also things happen, and occasionally they come in handy exercises like these that remind us of our human condition, and that we all have abilities to entertain and meet people in a more realistic way, healthy and natural than through impersonal chats…What technique you plan to use on your next waiting in a restaurant?

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