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7 ideas to attract the best professionals at your restaurant


During the last months, in every conversation I have with some friends who are managers and restaurateurs, always appears an increasingly common complaint: how difficult it is to find talented professionals who want to work in hospitality.

In a country like Spain should not even ask these words and much less in the year that will exceed all tourist records. So, What can we do to find a solution? It is simple, as owners must know what they are the 3 keys to business success: people, processes and the product. In this article we will focus on the first one, people, the team working with us, the most important of any company offering a service.

It is very easy to cry to the four winds our business does not work as we would like, making excuses as: "It is that there are good and professional people", "Young people do not feel like working", "I want to come trained and not waste time I train them", etc. Attitudes like this are to be changed. We must to turn on 180 degrees, re-adjust our thinking and look for positive solutions potential problems that arise in our daily lives.

So to start, the first thing we should do is attract the best talent in the industry. How we can get? Building an attractive business environment through these 7 ideas:

How to attract the best professionals at your restaurant

  1. We create a culture of excellence

Here no matter you have a gourmet restaurant and want to appear in the Michelin Guide or have a small business with a groundbreaking cuisine in a small tourist town, culture of excellence should be breathed by all our pores and, especially, through some fundamental values what, as owners, we have to establish from the beginning that our business reach the desired success.

  1. We hire for attitude

Many entrepreneurs fall into the mistake of hiring by titulitis, when it is best to train our staff with the skills necessary to perform their job flawlessly in our business. For it it is imperative that person has more attitude than aptitude, because it is very difficult to return to teach a professional who has acquired several tics throughout his career. Asking the right questions in the job interview will have the 90% work done.

  1. We will be attractive for the sector

From the outset we must make it clear that join the team is a personal challenge and a professional privilege; This is always something very appealing. To achieve this we can make phased selection process: ask for a letter of recommendation, make a personal interview, perform work test (stage), etc. Through this process we will see how it works, how it operates and ensuring that its possible incorporation reinforces the current dynamics of the rest of the team. In summary, 1+1 should add 3.

  1. Training will

The number one mistake that I usually see in restaurants is the lack of training, especially their owners. So from Gastrouni, We emphasize on a continuous and specialist training in all areas of business. We must not forget that this is more like a marathon than a sprint 100 meters, we can not do well once and forget, but it is necessary to maintain a constancy that lasts over time. Thus we must invest in training and retraining our staff, including ourselves.

  1. Constantly recruit

The chances of finding great employees are reduced when we stop doing selection processes. So we should, as far as possible, maintaining a permanent selection process. If we close or neglect selection processes we might have missed a very valuable for our team profile.

To prevent this from happening, for example, We can always carry a card up and ready to offer a change of scenery, professional improvement or an opportunity to incorporate that could improve the business goals of our restaurant.

  1. create opportunities

It must be clear that, CV, we can provide a career path for those workers who want to continue learning and improving their professional profile. If we are not able to manage this, our most valuable assets will end up looking for other opportunities in competition. So if, from the beginning we encourage our team offering extra pay beyond, through training or honing skills, They have more reasons to get involved and endorse the business.

  1. We will reward and recognize

Sometimes, with stress and the hectic pace of everyday life, We forget how important the thanks and recognition for our staff is motivated and in high spirits. For us, as business owners or, It is a minimum effort but for our team it may be the best thing that happened to them that day or, even, this week.

If we adopt this new behavior so usual will be creating a positive work environment that will be reflected in all business areas. We take a few minutes of our day to recognize a job well done.

Make the most of the resources of your restaurant

Any restaurant has access to the same resources, what makes the difference is how and how these resources are used. So as owners or managers, We are solely responsible for search and attract the best talent for our business reach its full business performance.

Already he said Richard Branson, founder Virgin: train people well enough so that you can go, Treat her well enough to want to stay.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.



  1. Totally agree. The most urgent problem we encounter is the lack of training by hoteliers. Tens of thousands of hospitality microenterprises, we're still stuck in “this is how life has been done” missing the opportunities offered by new technologies to train us, inform us and make our businesses more profitable. As you said quite well, need “a new behavior”
    Thank you.

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