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7 Magical restaurants to eat at Disney World


If we think of magic and fantasy, surely come to mind a name: Disney. And if we add a dash of fun, the mixture is clear: Amusement park the most important dream factory of the world. Disney has that special "something" that has captivated both young and old alike and has managed to move it to its parks without neglecting the smallest detail.

In them, as important are the attractions, as are the shows, shops or restaurants thousand, and all manner an environment of harmony designed to make the holiday a unique experience.

Of those restaurants we speak here, one of the many attractions of these parks. Specific, We focus on the park most of restaurants, that is Walt Disney World Resort, Located in Florida (U.S). It is the largest of the five spread around the world, a recreational complex 21 square kilometers consists of four theme parks and two water, so that it is expected that one of the parks most important attractions in the world both in extent and visits each year has a cuisine to match.

Select only seven restaurants is a very complex task, since each and every one of them hide their dose of magic. Nevertheless, we opted for those who combine culinary quality and props for those who visit a unique experience with.

1.San Angel Inn – Epcot

Mexican restaurant in the futuristic park resort, where there is also a space dedicated to various countries. It is located in the Pavilion of Mexico and is like entering a ranch in the southern US border where you can taste the spicy flavors of the Central American country.

2. Yak & Yeti – Animal Kingdom

In the park landscapes and animal world it is this restaurant themed Nepalese. He menu plagued Asian delights is in line with the typical oriental architecture and figures of lions and samurais watch a dining room full of details.

3.T-Rex™– Disney Springs

Dinosaur lovers also have their corner in the shopping and restoration of Disney World. This restaurant is practically a museum, full of mammoths, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that impress. In the letter we can find dishes of American cuisine, like burgers, braised ribs, sandwiches, etc.

4.Coral Reef – Epcot

Technically it is not set in "Finding Nemo", but as if he were. The dining room is dominated by a large coral reef full of marine creatures They mesmerize even the most astute customers, Besides the menu revolves around the flavors of the sea. It is one of the most sought, so you should book early, especially if you want to enjoy the closest seats to the aquarium.

5.Cinderella’s Royal Table – Fantasyland

restaurant worthy of the best Disney princesses. It is within the Cinderella castle and there you can enjoy a menu based on high kitchenette, making it one of the most exclusive resort. You just have to sit and wait for Cinderella and her friends appear while enjoying delicious dishes. An experience they will not forget the princesses and princes of the house.

6.Tusker House – Animal Kingdom

One of the most recurrent themes is the recreation of different cultures and environments. This buffet restaurant transports us to a typical market where we can test Harambee African cuisine although the conservatives also have American dishes. Like being in the heart of Africa and, Besides, with your favorite Disney characters.

7.Be Our Guest Restaurant – Magic Kingdom

My favorite for the final. The menu of this restaurant has a touch of French inspiration, with a diverse menu that the customer will always find a dish that surprise you. But most shocking is, definitely, Where is it located. As is the case with based on Cinderella Restaurant, this dining room It is in the bowels of the castle of the Beast (film "Beauty and the Beast") and to reach it must pass through the main hall or the mysterious room where the damn pink hides. Here visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch and / or dinner in a unique setting.

These are just some examples of There are nearly one hundred establishments in Walt Disney World Resort but if you've been in this theme park and there are some other restaurant that made you daydream, do not hesitate to tell us your experience. And if you know this has little, You can see the cuisine reigns in parks company fantasy par excellence.

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