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7 Advantages of monitoring the social web for restaurants


The monitoring is an essential element for any company that wants to develop a social networking strategy.

It is one of the pillars of Social Media Restauranting, because it allows restaurants to identify, monitor and analyze quickly and easily all information at their fingertips.

Socialmedia measuring strategy in Hosteleria

One of the great difficulties we encounter today online and on social networking sites is the over-information. The large amount of content being shared is essential to the use of techniques and monitoring tools that allow us to extract information relevant to our company.

Thus, It is very important that you have clear what are the main advantages of process monitoring in a restaurant:

1.-Reputation management online

It is one of the essential elements, we must always know what you're talking about our restaurant online, Reputation depends the future sustainability Restaurant.

2.-Generate relevant content

Social networks allow us to actively participate in discussions and propose new, for it is necessary to detect those issues that are relevant to our community of followers.

3.-Know my strengths and my weaknesses

More and more customers move to internet as comments, opinions or criticisms experiences in restaurants, This information is invaluable, because it allows us to know those points that our customers more value versus those that do not meet your expectations.

4.-Attract new customers

Through monitoring some keywords we can locate potential customers for the restaurant, an example would be in the pair twitter “I search” “restaurant” O “recommend” “restaurant”, even we could add the location to geotag our monitoring.

5.-Knowing the values ​​of my competition

Monitoring not only have to base it on the content about your company, also lets you know you are doing your competition and your customers are saying, so you can locate and enhance your competitive differentials.

6.-Detect new market niches

We can detect new consumer trends in customers, these habit changes or new products demanded, to anticipate in our market and achieve excellence in our restaurant.

7.-Humanizing the restaurant

Monitoring allows you to detect contents that are unrelated to the restaurant, the sector or competition, but that interest your community affection, It is an incredible way humanize a restaurant a real and differently, and closer to your customers like never before thou didst.

Soon, I will write an article on the latest and best tools available to monitor content on the Internet…are you going to miss it?

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