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8 mistakes you should not make your restaurant 2017


If this new year that has just begun you are thinking about creating new dishes or design some new cuisine, Stop for a moment and check these fundamental points that will help you follow a structured your restaurant online.

1.- Shopping

It is one of the fundamental points, shopping They will help you build a competitive cuisine (You can build on the gastronomic trends for this 2017) with Restaurants nearby, as, if you buy at the best price, your costs will be lower and, therefore, the retail price will also be lower.

With this you get your customers compare you with other similar culinary offerings and want to go to your restaurant because offer the same quality for a lower price.

For it, builds Price comparison tables with suppliers and the purchase price, so you can see them more clearly and be more effective in day to day.

But neither turn you crazy, because according to the Pareto principle, or also known as the rule 80-20, he 20% Your purchases are the 80% your raw material costs. This means that if you spend € 1,000 in purchases per month, he 80% of this sum they belong to 20% of your most popular products. So that Focus on finding lower prices in that percentage.

2.- escandallos

Once you have defined your suppliers, Remember to do the escandallos of each dish to meet their costs. But keep in mind, only make them useless to keep, update them with every price increase and so will take action as soon as possible once you have defined your profit percentage.

3.- Sale price

If your escandallos are accurate, remember to count each product, if a coffee will have to define water, coffee capsule, milk, azucarillo or saccharin, even if it takes some galletita. Once closed the exact costs, fixes the retail price.

4.- Warehouse

Definitely, shopping and store are two fundamental points. Nothing worth buying cheap goods and then put in a poor state because they have not checked their expiry. If you make a large purchase such, wines, keep them in a suitable place to avoid having to throw or after use for cooking.

He LIFO and FIFO, they can help you move the stock without complication.

If you make a large purchase such, wines, keep them in a suitable place to avoid having to throw or after use for cooking.Brndles

5.- Staff pick

The staff is the face of your business, so you should do Based on a good selection capabilities, but also, attitude. If you want to play it safe, uses the search pages specific job for hotels and restaurants. And if you want more security, Ask your fellow staff recommendations, always will recommend the best.

6.- Balance sheet

This point will allow you to know perfectly all data to draw overall conclusions about your business. Try to do the first day of the following month, Thus you will see and implement any new option to help you improve.

7.- Sales forecast and budget

If at the point of escandallos we knew exactly the selling price and the proportion of raw material that carries each dish, these data should serve to make an average percentage of all our products. Will help you develop a sales forecast you need to assess each week with the previous. For example: If you entered last week 1,000 € and you % of raw material it is of 30%, have to spend as much 300 € for your pricing is the previously marked.

8.- Customer loyalty

No it uses the above if the customer visiting your business does not come out happy and concerns to see you again. Your customer loyalty and make campaigns for new clients you meet and you increase your target audience.

All these points will definitely help follow a structured your restaurant online that will let you start the year in the best way, and thus close a formidable exercise.

About the Author

Chef, sommelier and gastronomic consultant. Management expert Food and Beverages in the hospitality industry, advises numerous brands of the food industry and restaurants in the development of cards, wines, distillates and cost control. Balanzino Manu is the founder and director of the digital newspaper, The Gourmet Journal, a referential publication of the culinary field. further, He is editor in magazines specializing in food and wine both nationally and internationally.


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