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8 ideas to increase revenue from a restaurant


If we want aumentar los ingresos de nuestro restaurant debemos tener en cuenta varios factores. Lo primero es lograr una good offline and online reputation, We are offering something to get things like a menu or wine quality, good service, Local clean, a good relationship between quality and price, etc.

Si un restaurante trabaja para meet all these requirements, su reputación mejorará e irá adquiriendo prestigio entre unos clientes que seguro lo recomendarán a sus amigos y familiares, Y lo compartirán en los entornos digitales.

But you need today more…

Nowadays, in this complex market as is the hospitality, in many cases it is not enough with good service, good prices and quality of food. The large supply in the sector and increasing competition of the same, hace que los restaurantes tengan que look for other ways to earn consumer confidence and in many cases it is best aporyarse in new technologies to achieve the necessary leverage to increase revenue and differentiate yourself from the competition.

A good online marketing strategy accompanied by some process innovations by TPV´s, the smartphones tablets, allow your business can reach a much larger audience of potential customers.

If you want improve revenue and reputation of your restaurant, we recommend the following steps. Together they make a useful guide for you to start to grow both offline and online section:

Eight tips to attract customers and improve billing thanks to the Internet and technology

1. Be an active presence on social networks

The fastest and most effective way to advertise a restaurant before a mass audience, It is using Social Networks. More of 3.400 million people have Internet access today, of which more than 2.000 millions have an account on at least one social network. Thus, these make up a channel of direct communication and optimal, which it allows us to reach much of the population hardly costs.

Algunas formas de promocionar el negocio a través de las redes pasan por crear post anunciando el menú del día o los platos especiales, subir fotos de algunas elaboraciones o convocar eventos especiales. En este periódico podrás encontrar many items that will serve you to start your strategy.

2. It includes home delivery service in your restaurant

Otra táctica para aumentar los ingresos de un restaurante consiste en implantar un Food delivery service. In this way the customer can taste the dishes on the menu without leaving home, allowing the company receives food orders regardless of the capacity of the room.

Podemos asociarnos con alguna de las nuevas food delivery companies que han surgido en los últimos años en la red, since by a commission responsible for receiving food demand by the customer, pick up the order at the restaurant and deliver it at home diner.

3. Envía periódicamente e-mails a tus clientes

This is a good choice to advertise our restaurant and attract the attention of potential consumers. Además nos ofrece la oportunidad de enviar emails con noticias, offers, menus or special events.

If we have a database with information about our regular customers, we can send special offers as discounts on their anniversary dinner or dessert gift on your birthday, a good loyalty tool.

4. Crea ofertas especiales en los días o turnos valle

Para aumentar la facturación ese día o turno de la semana en el que por norma sabemos que las cajas van a ser más reducidas, we can choose to make special offers such as “Crazy Tuesday Telepizza”. Is about days in which in principle will not have much activity and those with a special offer will attract customers that otherwise would not go out to dinner or to lunch on weekdays, improving the collection.

5.- Promote your restaurant through bloggers O influencers

Otra ventaja que ofrece la red pasa por promocionarnos gracias a bloggers O influencers with whom we can contact and offer them the opportunity to try some of our dishes or promotions to do a post about it on their blogs or mentions in networks. We can also invite the restaurant to write your post from there.

The audience that has this kind of personalities our restaurant will be promoted in a massive way and through a highly influential channel among his thousands of followers.

6. Get your customers to tag you

With our presence in networks, además de crear contenidos promocionales, We can also get we labeled our customers in their publications when they have come to enjoy our restaurant, Thanks to the geolocation, and express their opinion about the food and service. It is is information that can affect other users who choose our restaurant for a future visit.

7. Lanza concursos en las redes sociales

Another option is to make contests or sweepstakes among our regular customers over the Internet. For example, sortear cenas entre los usuarios que compartan un post en Facebook. Hace poco te presentábamos 10 ideas competitions for 10 restaurants social networks, In this article you accounts with various ideas and tips for your inspiration.

8. Loyalty rewards your customers

To reward the loyalty of the regulars can choose to deliver loyalty cards in which por cada número determinado de comidas o cenas se conseguirán una gratis.

Get “value added” in promoting your restaurant

As you can see, cuentas con muchas opciones para atraer a nuevos clientes a tu restaurante y mejorar tu facturación a final de mes through the use of Internet and technology, always a strategy behind.

Test your restaurant any advice that we give on this post, and tell your experience. If for some of the ideas you followed all the steps to perfection, You should not find trouble achieve increased customer in your business, or income at the end of each month.

8 ideas to increase revenue from a restaurant
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