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8 reasons for restoration groups use an online reputation platform


One of the best ways to exhaust the patience of a person is making her wait more than they should for their food. Safely, You want to share their discontent with the world. Users write and read reviews about restaurants than any other type of business. And that, Of course, influences when making decisions.

Mismanagement of Online Reputation your restaurant can make a difference between having customers waiting list or empty tables on a Saturday night.

At the same time, platforms reviews are so many and varied that follow closely what happens in each of them is a task that would take countless hours of work for one person.

Again, technology offers the solution by managing all this content, in a way simple and extremely useful: Platforms online reputation. Next we will detail the reasons that makes it become necessary if you want to maximize the benefits of your restaurant.

1.- Manages bad reviews or opinions quickly and efficiently

Even customers who usually do not leave reviews about their experiences, They find motivation to do so after an evening not of the whole pleasant. Immediate notification to learn why that generated a negative assessment, It is essential to take action, both internally with your team, as the public face.

In the eyes of the community who read the commentary, a quick and heartfelt response shows the degree of respect for the restaurant with customers, which can transform an "only care my pocket" in a "maybe deserve my visit".

2.- Proudly displays the good reviews

Better than any recognition that can be hung on a wall or displayed in a glass case, are positive opinions on the online portals of a client who can not express more than words of gratitude for the letter, staff and all that goes with the name of your restaurant.

Of course, this becomes an irresistible attraction for others. And it is your right to use it to your advantage, you have earned it.

3.- Analyzes trends in the opinion of your customers

The feeling of running your restaurant can be measured based on your perception, but surely it will never be as objective as numbers. Using Statistics obtained from the analysis of hundreds and comments online It gives you the opportunity to evaluate your performance in measurable parameters.

From this you can make decisions more accurately, as well as compare the performance of your restaurant between different time periods.

4.- Monitors and know your competition

If the restaurant side has a waiting list and too many tables in your living room ... there is a chance that you are not taking advantage, true?. Good, this is a very simple example.

But if online instead of comparing the waiting list of the neighbor using technology platforms reputation, that allow you objectively measure and compare your results with those of competitors, already you have statistics and helpful information.

5.- Make the technology do the heavy lifting

Systems artificial intelligence used machine learning to provide an accurate trend on revisions. Because, instead of sitting behind a computer for hours to evaluate and understand the nature of comments, reputable online platforms do for you.

How smart is the system?

It is not only smart, but also it has a prodigious memory 😜. It is able to detect sarcasm, emoji, and noise to find relevant patterns, analyze and present statistical form.

6.- Monitors photographs of the restaurant who share your clients

Food photography It has taken great notoriety in social networks. Consumers share pictures of their dishes as well as the atmospheres in which are comfortable.

These feelings are hard to express in words, Today the new language of communication is the image, It is paramount have a reputation online platform possessing image recognition algorithms (Cloud Reputation System features Deep Learning). In this way we will have an assessment where before we saw more images.

7.- better know the tastes of your customers

Besides all the above-named functions, that they allow you to have more knowledge about your restaurant visitors, their tastes and interests, with reputable online platforms can meet its origin.

Undoubtedly, Another fact to take into account when making decisions. Whether opening times and specialized cards, to the translation thereof to a particular language, something that will surely be appreciated by a customer and taken into account when leaving a review for his countrymen, and a positive assessment for everyone.

8.- With so much information, draws the best conclusions

Undoubtedly Restaurant Reviews are a key factor that our potential customers use when deciding where his next evening.

That's when, have a reputation online platform, it becomes essential and can have as much weight as the quality of food or care in our room. At the end, are aspects of our business that take value as they are shared with the community.

"Before there were portals reviews and operated restaurants like" 😒

Clear, because before that information was not available. Today is so useful that most of the decisions are made based on the reputation of the restaurants in the cloud. To sum up. Or you climb, or possibly you stay aside watching their tables full competition.

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