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9 tips for keeping healthy eating at work


Christmas gifts and her copious meals approaches, colder and too lazy to go running. As if this were not enough, we have a sedentary job that also, we have to eat. What can we do to take care of our diet? How can we make the menu the day in a plastic box with more healthy foods and at a lower price?

Below we offer the best tips so you can eat every day in your office without this you suffer food deficits, or you have to resort to unhealthy solutions, you fill and also jacquzzi.

As we saw last week in the online journal Reader’s Digest, we can know the keys to escape the facile formulas that lead us to eat sweet or too salty snacks and fattening us long-term harm our health.

How to get healthy food in the day work?

1.- Prepare the food the night before

Emotional influence when choosing foods is certain. Therefore it is recommended to purchase a full stomach. In the same way, prepare food we have to eat the next day, after supper we will a clear and objective perspective on what we eat and how much We need food.

2.- Keep healthy snacks on hand

Think about the space where you spend most of your workday, tries to organize the physical space so you do not have to look at those treacherous snacks, sweet or extremely salty unhealthy. If what we want is a more responsible choice of food, ten hands nuts uncooked or low salt. Try to have more alternatives recommended that the dreaded trip to the snack machine.

3.- Protect your senses

It is true that for those who work in one way or another in the food sector, #foodporn escape images either through digital social networks, or in person when they pass in front of peers with food or walked into the kitchen of our restaurant, It is little more than impossible. Nevertheless, We can be prevented with some of these healthy snacks we have discussed, or with a water bottle close at hand, of drinking right now.

It is shown that When we see or sniff palatable food triggers a response conditioned within us that drives us to consume. Heart rate increases as salivation and gastric activity, which opens the appetite. While it may not strip your office environment of these influences, we can be prepared to face them.

4.- Become the champion of healthy eating

If you count in the office with a lounge with donuts, candies or other sweets, you can be the first to take the plunge and surprise your colleagues with a tray healthy snacks, apples, or cranberries.

These foods are healthier and not just It will be a gesture seen as a courtesy to other coworkers, but also help improve the office environment while helping you keep your diet in check.

5.- Take a break in your lunch

We often spend the time we have to eat, pending other tasks such as computer or above the Smartphone. The expert in weight control and writer Karen R. Koenig, LCSW states that "when we pay no attention to our food, not recorded in the brain, so it took less time to get hungry again ".

To avoid this, the author advised to be aware of the food we ingest at the time, leave aside mobile and find a free space breaks focus all our attention only on food.

6.- Take your food choices for the long term

A study 2014 published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology explored the influence of mood on food choices. According to the study, “a positive mood helps raise and meet long-term goals, It is leading to a preference for healthy foods”.

Instead of using food as a source of distraction at the time, we are able to focus on the impact a healthy food choices have on our well-being long-term. On the other hand, sugary and fatty foods they serve as a means of immediate control of humor. Something that will turn against us later, Let's reflect and when we feel bad about dietary sins.

7.- Use the Mindfulness

There is a study of 2017 discussant Mindfulness as a tool to significantly reduce emotional eating. Co-author of this study, Carl Fulwiler said that being fully aware of our emotions, we can control our thoughts and impulses for throw avoid the easy meal when we are working.

Stress or rushing can lead us into the daily menu, the intention to fill his belly as a way to reduce the pressure of our head, something totally useless, as it is as we said, Momentary relief that does not help us. then concentrate on being more aware of our emotions and understand how they influence our thinking and behavior will help us control our behaviors when alimentarnos, even in a working environment and pressure as the office.

8.- Reduce triggers emotional eating

Accept, stress and work, often they walk hand in hand. Knowing this in advance, How to recognize and stop the influence of stress on food choices?

In accordance with David Adler, MD, senior scientist at the Center for Health Solutions and Professor School of Medicine, Tufts University, a solution is cognitive behavioral redirection. “First, must be aware of automated responses we stress, and avoid eating these manifest”. “If you feel upset and eating is something that helps you, you keep doing.” And probably continue feeding the beast of stress until you change this automated response to a healthier alternative.

9.- Do not deprive yourself of small pleasures of life

The last tip for healthy food but passes 8 hours a day sitting in the office is a bit paradoxical but enjoy a little! It's not about becoming an extremist healthy food, this will not help for the future.

It is said that "deprived of the pleasures very often is a cause for overeating". So that skip the diet occasionally can help us meet our goals of healthy eating because the idea that certain foods are forbidden does not work. The key is to keep in mind your goal of health and long-term welfare. “It is only problematic when the 'just this once’ It becomes a recurring”.

These ideas are very useful for those working in environments where signals are unavoidable tempting food and they have to spend all day subject to an office table, that does not give rise to physical activity you spend minimal calories.

The truth is that there are a number of chronic diseases and health problems related to spend a lot of time sitting. A natural and healthy amount of time sitting at the computer is about three hours a day, the average office worker in the United States spent sitting during a 15 hours a day and in Spain near 9. This routine life often pushes us to eat fast, without thinking bad, throwing us to easy formulas that are not usually not advisable.

Follow these nine tips and able to maintain good nutrition based healthy tuppers, healthy and delicious snacks, and a suitable routines to maintain good lifestyle.

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