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9 advantages of having an app tailored for restaurants


Having a mobile application to boost your business has ceased to be a mere complement. In an eminently digital era in which digital transactions move more than three trillions of dollars globally per year, tools that help users employing these new technologies are a need.

This type of tool has a relatively low cost, from 2.000 euros can be found adapted solutions low complexity. Needs increase as promoters, Price increases also. In the balance lies success.

Restauranción businesses can benefit in many ways by having a software tailor-made. In this article we will discuss 9 most prominent forms with a catering establishment outdated can be enhanced by using an app for restaurants.

Some of the major apps for restaurants US

Restaurant reservations through an interface with identity

There are many business-oriented reserve management for restaurants. Much of them are known regulars restorers: Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Google

Like we should know what volume of business we can direct our local using third party tools, especially in the case of those free services that do not apply tariffs on each booking. It's also a good idea have a reservation service for restaurants own fully suits our needs, which has been specifically focused consumer profile visiting our business to, and represent and enhance the corporate image we want to strengthen.

Own mobile application or add-on inserted in our website allows users to comfortably book your table when looking for the name of our local. This is vitally important in businesses that manage more than one site. A 36% users consider this feature is essential in any app for restaurants, as recorded by the report Restaurant Technology Industry Report Toast.

Expand your digital presence geographically segregated ads

Currently, more than one 80% of the Western population surf the Internet using your mobile phone. These devices are characterized by geolocated. Although some power users They can be biased to disable this feature, but the reality is that ordinary mortals do not.

A) Yes, the owner of a catering business can take advantage of this technology and display ads those who are in the area of ​​influence of the local. A restaurant located next to a busy thoroughfare? Worth to appear so indicated in the Google Maps. You need one Adwords campaign? Make sure that only people who connect to the Internet from your location near see ads.

Geolocation of mobile apps lets you also know the proximity of a user which has made a reservation so you can start preparing your table for when, restaurant remember your past customers when run through the vicinity thereof thus enhancing the recurring business, and display the most appropriate route from the point found the diner to your local. They are not the only possibilities, Of course.

Online reservations for restaurants increase business efficiency

Have you ever had a waiter waiting because the diner was pathologically indecisive? Maybe you had to spend several minutes to explain what a dish? Or simply you could not get a reservation by phone while at rush hour?

A app for restaurants It has the ability to solve these and many other problems. Can incorporating an online menu illustrated that makes your mouth water user while unequivocally show you what you will receive once you sit on the table. Equally, these programs for mobile, tablets and computers are highly automated requiring minimal management by staff restaurant.

As usual, the client knows the availability of capacity for a given date and time, Enter your data and turn book. The software takes care of everything and The team can be devoted to more productive tasks inherent to catering business.

High versatility in customizing design apps

A good application differs from exceptional by the plasticity with which the responsible business can mold to your liking. Local requirements may vary seasonally. It may require a complete change of look at the rate of arrival of new investors. Or maybe the poor business performance requires changing the demographic target.

When it has a professional program to develop the application from scratch, we must ensure that it runs parallel a simplified API for changing text, images, design and interactive elements with ease. Cunde also ensure that the extension of the app with new utilities not required reprogram large blocks of code.

Notifications forced open applications in the background

Roughly an app for restaurants works as follows: thanks to the digital presence of establishing the web surfer arrives at the restaurant and download the mobile application for convenience; Then install it on your mobile terminal and gives the permits necessary to operate normally this, the potential customer is familiar with the tool, you scroll through menus and make your purchase or reservation; finally the application is closed but It is running a deep part of the code.

This aspect is vital for business as it helps restore forcing the emergence of mobile notifications. So you can keep customers informed with news most relevant.

A scholar restorer new technologies can even take advantage of data collected by dump for generate a customer profile and send targeted advertising.

Payment facilities with integrated methods in the app

For the application must be complete interact with key digital payment services. Not only we talk about the Credit cards more used, as can be Western Union or MasterCard, we refer also to the P2P payment systems as Paypal, Payoneer, Payza and many others who proliferated over the past decade and now are widely used and. They can also be integrated criptodivisas payments, a system very fashionable among younger generations.

First step to start a rewards system for repeat customers

Have a segment of customers returning regularly to your local for their drinks offers Business security and a solid income. The Loyalty programs are the preferred choice of many restaurateurs and mobile applications, a perfect bridge to introduce the system rewards the user.

further, the owner of the premises do not have to worry about keeping a database updated as often it integrated into the application itself a module information management. This minimizes the time you need to invest in the maintenance plan rewards and completely eliminates human error.

Depending on the model used Loyalty, the app also can promote digital presence restaurant to work together in a collaborative network of establishments restoration. If you opt for software these characteristics must have an impact on the compatibility options.

digital presence on social networks

Promote a restaurant is no trivial matter. Competition is fierce. Because maintaining a well established digital presence in Social networking is crucial. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others have become for many native trebuchets business in the digital age.

Besides the obvious advantage, that of being easily locatable online, have a stable presence in social networks brings a plethora of very juicy pros. Have accounts in all, although not used regularly, prevents third parties from impersonating the business intentions unknown. As well It allows people to opine on the services provided by the local, it being possible to increase the customer if our products are satisfactory.

Finally, It can report quickly and minimally invasive stakeholders by publishing short news; New on the menu, new opening times, promotional campaigns, special events, reduced prices ... All this has no place in the RRSS.

Raise plenty of feedback and strengthen the business

There comes a time when many restaurateurs need shield their virtual profiles against abusive practices of competitors (fake reviews, low mass feedback, etc) and show the public the benefits of the food, local atmosphere and service with a sufficient repertoire of credible opinions.

This is very complicated, because the number of people who actually leave their impressions reflected on the net is extremely low. In fact, there are companies that specialize in creating software to stimulate this kind of behavior, that somehow, ultimately affect business performance.

Reminders or giving bonuses in exchange for completing a questionnaire usually encourage delivery feedback. This must be addressed correctly: always answers the negative comments by committing to improve if you detect a weakness in business or facing position cordially diner if you judge that his intention is not constructive but harmful; Y analyzes trends and recurring problems to address aspects of your local that may be causing the loss of turnover.

Your app contributes to a more sustainable world

The planet needs us help. This is something that is available to restorers, and it is best that these professionals can increase their profits doing it.

If you have prepared more food than you are selling at the end of the day, a prepared for this application can notify those customers committed to the environment and the wallet that late on shift unsold dishes are available at a reduced price.

This is a trend that is growing in Northern Europe and is having big hit with diners, restaurants and ecological groups. For the entrepreneur restoration means minimize costs for waste management, increasing potential customers and profitable food sold not increasing revenue has by.

The advantages of an app to own restaurants are not limited to those listed here. Nevertheless, these 9 points give a very clear idea of because this 2018 Restaurants invest in creating software own.

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