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A HIP must come with an open mind, ready to be surprised


The director of Hospitality 4.0 Congress de HIP2019, Eva Ballarin, analyzes this year, define the main lines of work that will be developed over the three days of Congress and some of the essential points sessions to live HIP experience and get the most out.

P.- How do you see the future of the restaurants and the Horeca sector in Spain? What new business paradigms facing the industry in the digital age for 2019?

As I explain in my article "Strategic Trends”: Where they come, how they influence the sector and show us what future ", trends remain a great starting point to understand where we come, and above all, where are we going as a sector. A) Yes, the seven most important strategic trends of the moment speak of a future key healthy, in which customizing the cuisine will be key and will focus on developing tools to determine the healthiest options for each person, in which grow the model grab&go y el delivery and where business models and adapted digitized to new consumer demands will be the most likely growth and consolidation have.

Environmental sustainability also guide the development of new business models and transform existing. Y, definitely, new generations of consumers and entrepreneurs restoration, with new ways of understanding the business, will be decisive.

P.- What are your expectations facing Eva Ballarín ExpoHip2019?

HIP It has become the most important annual event in Europe Horeca and brings together multilateral organizations and business communities of Spain and Portugal. Your congress is a unique opportunity to analyze trends and opportunities, and to explore major industry challenges, provide value and share knowledge with professionals.

Management, marketing, strategy, innovation, investment, digital processing or repositioning… are some of the central issues on which a program which in its latest edition gathered articulates more of 400 international speakers with an audience of more than 17.000 people, in the 3 day celebration. After two editions of great success, HIP figures in 2019 They speak for themselves: 15 agendas to address hot spots of the future of the sector, more of 400 international experts sharing knowledge in Congress, more of 50 of them women, 50 Top Speakers…

These data add those of the exhibition area: more of 400 exhibitors with all the solutions that the sector needs in seven exhibition spaces and an exhibition of 30.000 square meters in three pavilions. I think the data are more valuable than expectations, because they are tangible and show a line of work that supports HIP as the largest event in innovation applied to Horeca Europe.

P.- What relevance has to HORECA consider that the Digital Agenda to be presented in ExpoHIP2019?

The Digital Agenda has been, from the first draft to Congress I outlined in a book in February 2018 (yes, in February 2018: shortly before last year's edition was already planning editing 2019, for a congress of this magnitude it requires a long journey in search of talent, both distance and time), one of the major blocks to be discussed at HIP.

Undoubtedly, and as shown in the Digitization Report on the Restoration Sector prepared by TechFood Consult Y Basque Culinary Center, collaboration with HIP, the digital transformation process and occupies the sector concerned, so that the content the Digital Agenda, both sessions in which Diego Coquillat is Host and the meetings in which it is Beatriz Romanos, very focused on technology and technology applied to restaurant and food pantry solutions 4.0, It is focused on professional answering questions and provide information and solutions you need to successfully tackle one of the major challenges, if not the principal, the sector today.

P.- Do we das the 5 ExpoHIP2019 quotes essential that no sector should miss?

The USA Agenda, with Donald Burns as host and four top experts: Bruce Irving, Kelley Jones, Andrew Freeman y Brian Duncan. US foodservice industry is leading in trends, Business models, Horeca and innovation applied to development of the sector in general. Everything that happens in Horeca, It manifested in USA. In 2018 I had the opportunity to check firsthand, with my visit to the NRA Show Chicago (65.000 square meters of innovation to shape the future of foodservice, there is nothing). And in 2019 I wanted to bring it to HIP, for the Spanish sector can be inspired and grow.

Full session Fernando Gallardo and Hotel Trends: 7 dilemmas 2020, for its original approach and that sassy and authentic way Fernando has to deal with issues more "hot" in the hotel industry. Your session will also feature two top international Speakers who is well worth listening to: Joelle Renstrom (Boston University), expert AI, Y Carl Rohde (futurist at Science of Time).

The showcookings of Eva Hausmann, for novelty products, as it will work both vegetable protein poultry and red meat as insects. And also it is very interesting showcooking achievement in which show anti foodwaste solutions.

Beatriz Romanos sessions in the Digital Agenda, because it is the professional who probably better understand the techno-digital impact on the hotel industry and because at its hear from speakers as interesting as nick Popovich (Vita Mojo) O José Rafael Barreto (top Grill).

And the session Woman Leadership, in which we define female leadership, We analyze the situation of women in the sector and will work to draw attention to the talented hand of large speakers and Elena Faba Daniela Freund. yes, a recommendation: I would not miss any paper, because in every minute of HIP2019 content it is an experiential journey into the future, with tracks to apply to business and ideas to improve marketing, the revenue and operations.

P.- What would be the 5 recommendation that the Director of ExpoHIP2019 give those attending the event?

They would get a, which includes all other: “Be open-minded & enjoy”. A HIP must come with an open mind, ceases to be amazed by new insights, new ideas, new ideas and new ways of doing. That it is. To maximize the event, for the benefit of business. HIP is a unique networking platform.

We connect people with people. A professionals needs professionals who can meet those needs. Organized to visit HIP Congress & Expo It is also essential. So that our visitors do not miss anything, this year we have updated and redesigned website and It is now available from the App HIP2019. All content in the palm of your hand.

P.- In HIP2019 we deliver the prizes The Best Digital Restaurants 2019 #TheBestDR19, also you present. Recognize the efforts in the digital management of the best chefs, independent restaurants, chains or franchises during 2018 in Spain. How important are these awards consider that the sector Horeca?

In the process of digital transformation, recognize the work of individuals, companies and organizations is valuable to the whole industry because it involves pointing paradigms that work, mirrors in which companies and professionals can look to move forward and working towards full digitization. In 2018 were Starbucks, Quique Dacosta and Silk&Soya. He 20 February discover whom we set ourselves over the next 365 days.

P.- ExpoHip2019 speaks of innovation and it is certainly a window to the future. Diego Coquillat in his lecture will talk about restaurants in the 2030, but how do you imagine Eva Ballarín ExpoHIP2030?

Disruptivo, innovative and all. It is the essence of HIP 2019 And will continue to be. And that is its greatest value.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.


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