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Open the first physical Deliveroo restaurant in Hong Kong


Deliveroo He has ceased to be a mere app Mobile in the city of Hong Kong. Chinese citizens can now enjoy the first physical establishment of the brand specializing in food delivery services at home.

The store has been named Deliveroo Food Market, and it aims to be a shared workspace in which five renowned restaurants inquire if the solution proposed by Deliveroo has no place in the current Chinese market.

The restaurants participating are Beef and Liberty, Pizza Express, Linguini Fini, Crystal Jade hunger y; all local recognized and highly valued in the commercial metropolis. For these establishments, the opportunity provided by Deliveroo is very valuable, it will allow them to assess the possibilities that the new POS grants.

to get started, all these brands will have sales in situ and line. In this way we want to encourage turnover while the wave of distribution of food surfs home, which continues its relentless growth in both China and the West.

But far from being the only strong point, several of the brands that will be present during the pilot project will get the most out of the experience diversify their products and resonate with the audience to which these are directed.

In the case of Crystal Jade, a luxurious restaurant chain sober cut, elegant and stately, where you want to perform is, especially, market research. According to Cheung Wincy, associated director marketing and communications, "This is a position where we can have closer contact with residents around to understand their eating habits away from home. It allows us to test our new brands. If a physical establishment inaugurásemos, we would have to consider many things. This delivery platform allows us to reach more customers in an area where we have no presence '.

Meanwhile, pizza chain Pizza Express Italian food and aims to build "The Pasta Project, as a virtual brand, granted the opportunity to be more adventurous and risky ", according to the words of Liam Collette, managing director of international scope Pizza Express. Collette added: "The restaurants will not be eliminated by home delivery and we will continue to expand, but it is a key aspect of the scene restoration, so we have to attend to ".

Deliveroo intentions for the future are abundantly clear. During the year 2017 the company grew 116% globally, considering the 13 markets in which it operates. If this first successful Deliveroo Food Market, as it has been the case Editions program that has been cleaved (a system of shared kitchen space where coexist more 100 restaurants worldwide), Deliveroo intends to expand the format for Asia.

In fact, the board of the London-based company did not wait to see the results of this first site. During 2019 a new Food Market will open its doors in Singapore City.

The circumstances are perfect for this initiative arose. There are three main fronts that have led to the emergence of collaborative space:

  • The explosive growth of Deliveroo, the success of their efforts in the Asian market and the overall environment of sustained growth in the market for takeaways globally, is expected to continue over the next five years without appreciable slowdown.
  • The high price of rents in major cities in Southeast Asia. Hong Kong prices are prohibitive and dynamited the opening of new businesses, because profit margins are drastically reduced.
  • The appearance of physical facilities of the hand of possible competitors Deliveroo. Both Amazon and Alibaba have embarked on a whirlwind of inaugurations of traditional shops. Only in the case of Alibaba, We talk over 100 Hema food stores in China.

Bet Deliveroo also it involves another step forward in regard to virtual kitchens and restaurants. From the app mobile, service users sharing food can make your reservation at any of the five restaurants from a common front. In total they are 15 concepts to choose from ranging from noodles to fish from Shanghai and cooked Hawaiian island style.

On a smaller scale, the same plan of action we have seen in this and other niche trade. Foxtrot is the case, Leap Services o Ando; the latter acquired by Uber Eats and closed shortly thereafter.

Deliveroo faces strong competition in the business of home delivery food. Among his major contenders are Just Eat, Grubःub, by Dash y Uber Eats. The late entry into the Asian market and the difficulty of penetrating the same because of cultural differences and the prior existence of local services does not help.

Nevertheless, Giant commercial strategy, whose market value has already reached the 2000 millions of euros, It is strong, as it extracted from its growth in previous years. Thanks to this partnership with some of the most demanding and prestigious restaurants in Hong Kong, success and presence of Deliveroo could reach new heights.

Cotas you need to get as some of its rivals have also begun to use the strategy or virtual ghost restaurants. Uber is the case Eats, for example.

If the future is one filled with virtual restaurants in apps mobile or one with shared kitchen space, It's something only get to discover as the years pass and advance the commercial efforts of the participants in the race. Place your bets!

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