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Open the first restaurant 100% committed to climate change


Located in San Francisco and known as The Perennial, This is an establishment whose chefs employ the most innovative techniques with goals such as reducing greenhouse gases and address global warming, among others

For some years often see how the media try to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment. Why It is everyone's duty to build a better world for future generations to enjoy it as we have done; Nevertheless, predictions are not too flattering while the results of various studies reflect an unprecedented increase in the average temperature in some regions of the planet.

Food security is reduced to climate change

He United States Global Change Research Program, also it is known by its acronym USGCRP, while he is warning of the danger increased temperatures and CO2 emissions while causing a reduction in the nutritional quality of food. A) Yes, bread, Pasta, fruit or vegetables contain less healthy items -as calcium or magnesium-, less protein and, by contrast, more carbohydrates.

We must also bear in mind that we are more exposed than ever to chemical contaminants from food, such as methylmercury, and are becoming increasingly pests and crop diseases. The consequences of climate change can be, so, disastrous both short and medium term.

The Perennial is the first restaurant to combat climate change

In previous articles we have seen They are becoming more conscious environmentally restaurants; these are called sustainable, ecological or green in Spain we can boast some of the best: Azurmendi, Casa Jose O Mama Campo are examples.

But we recently attended the inauguration of Perennial, an establishment focused on minimizing environmental impact and, in consecuense, reducing the carbon footprint. Its about first restaurant fully committed to climate change, from the elaboration of the dishes to the material with which each element of its decoration is made.

Anthony Myint Y Karen Leibowitz are the ideologues of this project that have taken into account all kinds of details as They have been working on it for over two years with the aim that it works perfectly and is accepted by the American people. Is, definitely, a step forward in the professional life of this couple; While it is true, on numerous occasions have stated that they have never tried to turn it into a trendy place but a “real and normal restaurant, just with different priorities”.

In fact, one of its main features lies in the word innovation while The Perennial It is the pioneer in many aspects. behold 5 practices that show.

5 practices that distinguish The Perennial as a restaurant 100% committed to climate change

1. Use material completely recycled. Like restaurants cardboard a second utility give this material for vessels, dishes, pictures and even walls, The Perennial also it performs the technique 3 Rs: reduce, recycle and reuse as local soil material consists completely recycled; in fact it is not necessary to clean with water. The same applies to the tables or chairs -made of wood recovered from other objects-, utensils tables -made from recycled glass- and menus -also printed on paper recycling-.

2. Respect the principle of responsible agriculture. Since agriculture generates 30% of greenhouse gases, The Perennial defined itself as “a restaurant that tops progressive farming”.

In this sense, said local He works with a greenhouse 60 square meters in which an aquaponic system is used providing completely organic food; which needs only a tenth of the water that would use a traditional farming method. Also the bread that offers diners is produced a type of sustainable wheat, known as Kernza, which it is capable of absorbing atmospheric carbon, pest control or prevent soil erosion.

3. Serve sustainable meat. Contrary to what many may think, Myint y Leibowitz They have opted from the outset by a varied menu where no missing Caesar salad, Poached eggs with butter and asparagus, soup and pumpkin seeds, Of course, meat dishes like beef tartare, lamb or pork and fish such as mackerel en escabeche.

Their meat supplier is the Stemple Creek Ranch, who practice rotational grazing that is characteristic in a continuous movement of the animals so that they scatter their pasture fertilizer and so have enough time to recover.

4. Working with the latest technology. In his tireless quest to produce a positive impact on the environment, The Perennial It boasts a high-tech in your kitchen: intelligent ventilation hoods that are activated when they detect laser off air alone and then with heatsinks pots that can boil water up to two times faster than conventional pans are just a few examples.

5. making cocktails. In addition to restaurant, this local San Francisco also has a booth that serves as the bar. And how could it be otherwise, respects the essence of The Perennial to include in his letter of drinks one variety of cocktails made with natural ingredients. But it's not all you can ask your customers to enjoy a pleasant time while a wide selection of regional wines It is offered by the waiters. The devices that make up the -at like the kitchen bar- They stand out as being of low consumption.

These are just some of the practices carried out by the restaurant run by the marriage of Myint y Leibowitz, Nevertheless, It may not be the most important as much about what they do but what they want the rest of the population do. In other words, They seek the common good and for that deliver visitors a brochure with information so that they learn how to prevent climate change Y, Of course, be aware.

A app for smartphones and tablets call I eat in It shows restaurants that make management responsible for polluting waste. Although it is only available to the Asturian establishments, its success has made its arrival is imminent in other communities such as Galicia and Navarra.

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