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They opened the first organic fast food restaurant in the United States


On other occasions, We have already discussed the speed loop in which society is immersed, where work, lack of free time and, so, the rush will not let us sit quietly savor our food. Instead, we have the drive from work to home and back to fill our stomachs with what we find within our reach.

That is why so fast food restaurants and services take-away They are winning the game since some years, because there are already many who choose this option when eating away from home.

We also know that Vegetarianism is booming and that this year have increased people who have chosen to change your diet to a healthier habit, so we stop to think about how to merge both fast-food concepts and vegetarianism- and we arise several questions.

How many fast food restaurants offer organic menus we know and / or ecological? Do vegetarians or vegans do not have the same lack of time and the need to eat on the way? How come you do not have the option 'order to carry' in fast food restaurants? Is this not a certain aspect of discrimination?

There are many questions and only real problem for those who have decided to separate products of animal origin of their food routine. Instead, push us away from hairs, American chain restaurants Amy’s Kitchen He has put the solution to the problem with the simplest system we can imagine: a establishment of ecological service fast food takeout order from the car. That simple and, especially, cash, it has already become a hit in California.

The chosen formula is a restaurant drive-thru the style of other fast food chains as McDonalds or Burger King but unique and exclusively vegetarian products. It has both counter and tables to sit and eat, zone as ordering from the car, so that the customer can enjoy its organic menu path. further, inside the premises can be purchased frozen natural products that are the stars of this small business.

The media Coin 6 collects on its website This new venue Amy's Kitchen is a "restaurant serving non-GM products, organic, gluten-free and vegetarian for those who want to try a bite, but they do not want the typical fast-food experience. All menus are cooked with products that just around the corner are obtained daily from the farm ". It could not summarize better.

The truth is Amy's Kitchen has always focused on organic products, gluten-free or GMO (GMOs) and organically grown. The liability company for the health of your customers is the basis of his philosophy since it was founded in 1987 in order to provide healthy and tasty meals although quick to do for those who were deprived of time to cook.

Its two owners, Andy y Rachel Berliner, vegetarians and foodies, They started a family business which, by the way, He took the name of his first daughter- to make it the alternative to the few truly natural frozen products that could then be found on the shelves of supermarkets, although they were beginning to be known and to take some weight in feeding more people.

Business success came with its first product: a vegetable pot pie. Not only triumphed among vegetarians, but also it became the preferred choice for those seeking something healthy and fast while. Far is that vegetable cake, which now it forms part of a letter more of 250 organic frozen recipes among which you can find everything from pizzas, sandwiches and meat pies, up dishes, snacks and full meals.

For the moment is only one restaurant which opened, but with this leap that the opening of this establishment, Now you can say that They have covered a real need for many California residents, making life veggies much easier. And you what do you think of fast-food healthy? Do you see it as an idea that could succeed in our country?

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