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They open the first restaurant that lets you design your food based on your diet


The conclusions I published the 14HORECA th Congress of AECOC, healthy food cited as one of the major global trends in the restaurant industry. We face a new client who ever goes to eat at restaurants or order food to these, but she wants to eat a healthy and natural way, no longer worth anything.

Today I want to introduce the first restaurant that allows customize your food based on your nutritional or dietary needs. Vita Mojo is a new restaurant that has opened in London, cerca from St Paul's Cathedral, and served Monday through Friday all day a wide array of salads to eat in the restaurant or to take away, but it allows customers to choose the amount of ingredients they want in each of their dishes.

The operation is very simple, It is based on an application that is accessed through iPads that are in the restaurant or in your own website where the customer deciding goes through a slide bars amounts of the different components of a dish. As you tailoring your order shows the nutritional breakdown of the dish and its price. A maximum of 15 minutes you have prepared your personalized plate.

A passionate team for an innovative project

Vita Mojo is formed by Nick Popovici (Dtor.General), one exfinanciero that changed the course of his career to help people eat better; Stefan Cantoiu (Dtor. Product), owner of an organic poultry farm; Executive Chef Paul Davies, who has worked in restaurants presagiosos Sydney and London; Eli I swam (Dtor. Operations), with 11 years of experience in the catering sector; la nutricionista Helene Patounas, who he has worked with many F1 drivers, athletes and big business leaders, and finally Kenan Altunis an expert in finance and international sales director of foreign exchange at Deutsche Bank.

As commented Patounas: “people want to be healthy and eat well, but not everyone can afford the services of a nutritionist or a private chef, The idea of ​​this restaurant is that everyone can get recommendations from a personal nutritionist when choosing your meal in the restaurant”. Add: “people come up with different genes, lifestyles, digestive systems and even goals or objectives, there is nothing better to offer a personalized diet that suits each“.

A nutritionist at the restaurant through an app

They will shortly launch an app that allows functions personal nutritionist advising the client the different components of each dish. Users can enter your weight, height, Dietary and even your goals and receive sporting needs a personalized nutritional advice and options based on optimal diet to eat at Vita Mojo.

 The first restaurant that lets you customize your meal based on your nutritional or dietary needsVita Mojo Twitter

Even we are working to allow This application integrates with other world health and sport can provide information on nutritional value to users advising the dishes to eat to maintain a certain lifestyle or workout.

No doubt this restaurant is a good example of the importance of healthy food for new customer. This increasingly value quality food more, its origin, its nutritional value and he wants to have a balanced relationship with food, in line with a style increasingly healthy life where restaurants play a key role in its food pyramid.

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